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Glutton Guide Beijing helps readers make the most of every moment in the city, providing bilingual ordering guides as well as map links for all listings in the guide. All you have to worry about is working up an appetite!


  • Beijing’s must-do culinary experiences
  • Best regional cuisines
  • Best brunch spots
  • Cooking classes & food tours
  • Mandarin language guide
  • Top 10 street foods
  • Top international restaurants
  • Desserts & bakeries
  • Trending nightlife spots
  • Maps of Beijing

Searching for the best Peking duck? Hungry for hard-to-find regional delicacies?? Glutton Guide Beijing: The Hungry Traveler’s Guidebook can help you plan a food-focused trip through China’s capital. The guidebook written by foodies for foodies, Glutton Guide answers all the questions you have when planning a trip to Beijing. Highlighting the city’s most authentic and delicious foods, Glutton Guide leads travelers to local treasures that are easy to miss and often hard to find – unless you know exactly where to look and what to order. In addition to an overview of Beijing’s best street foods, regional cuisines, tea & nightlife, you’ll find a guide to the city’s best noodle joints, street food safety information and a handy getting around guide.

The Glutton Guide: Beijing
  • Eat Like A Local
  • Dish-Specific Recommendations
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I agree with all the other reviewers that this is the best food guide out there for Shanghai. The Shanghai food scene is constantly changing, but most restaurants are just trendy and not high quality. There are many trendy restaurants in Glutton Guide, but I've liked the food at every restaurant I tried. It's also fun to read.
Jennifer Zhang via Amazon
This book was super helpful in planning my trip to Shanghai! Really appreciated that they translated dishes in both characters and pinyin, and gave a really comprehensive look at the city's dining scene. Never been more ready to eat my through a city before. Hope they publish in more cities soon!
Stacy A via Amazon