• Morning Street Food Tour
  • Family Friendly
  • 3 Hour Breakfast Experience

Some of Shanghai’s best food is found streetside in the morning hours. Explore a local market and taste the Chinese breakfast of champions with this street food tour through the beautiful former French Concession neighborhood. You’ll meet our trusted vendors selling classic local dishes, including the world-famous jianbing (Chinese crepe), baskets of the city’s finest dumplings, freshly-pulled noodles, and much more.



  • Price: Adults: US$82 / RMB 525 (min 8 adults tickets for a private tour)
    Kids (Ages 6-12): US$60 / RMB 395
    Tiny Tots (Ages 0-5): Free (if tasting not required. If the tiny tot would like a tasting, please purchase a Kids' ticket).

    On public tours, each child must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • When: 9am

    For private tours or other dates, please contact us.

    Due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, we are offering limited public tours. However, we offer private tours every day of the week, based on guide availability.

    To inquire about a private tour, please add us on WeChat (ID: UnTour), contact us at this link , or email with your requested dates and tour! or via WeChat at UnTour with your requested dates and tour!
  • Where: Near Shaanxi Rd (South) Metro. The exact tour meeting point will be emailed upon booking.
  • Max Group Size: 8 guests + 1 guide. Please contact us for large groups.
  • Transport: Walking (2.3 km or 1.5 miles)
  • Inclusions: 10+ Tastings • Wet Market Visit • Coffee or Tea • Unlimited Bottled Water & Soft Drinks • Curated Park Stroll • Welcome Packet • Awesome Bilingual Tour Guide!
  • How To Book: Click here to book your tour.



Stroll through one of the former French Concession’s most energetic parks – and watch the retirees practicing tai chi, water calligraphy, line dancing and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Freshly made soymilk, local donuts, potstickers, the Chinese crepe that is becoming a sensation all over the world… you’ll watch your food being made before your eyes – then sit down to sample it when it is at its freshest.


It’s a culinary magic trick that will have you reaching for your phone. Watch as a block of dough is transformed into a bowl of delicious noodles – all in less than one minute.


These bustling markets are where locals do their grocery shopping. Admire heaps of lily bulbs and bamboo shoots, see more varieties of tofu than you ever knew existed and find out why they call it a “wet” market in the teeming seafood section.

*Each tour has 4-5 rotating seated stops offering a tasting of 10+ dishes.


Vegetarians are more than welcome and will find plenty to eat. We will make substitutions where possible. (If you’d like to book this as a private tour that features only vegetarian or pescetarian food, please contact us.)

Vegans will have a more limited selection, but we are able to make some substitutions + add in more veggies at one stop. (If you’d like to book this as a private tour that features only vegan food, please check out our Shanghai Vegan Breakfast tour or contact us.)

We are not able to make substitutions for those with gluten free restrictions and/or celiacs disease as dumpling wrappers, noodles, soy sauce, and aged vinegar is very prevalent in our tour stops.

Nut allergies have not been a problem in the past, however we cannot guarantee that the utensils and other cooking tools have not touched any of the food tour ingredients. Please bring your epi pen or other meds to the tour if you choose to participate.

Seafood/Shellfish allergies are not a problem, and you will not need to skip out on any dishes during the tour, but please bring your epi pen or other meds to the tour if you choose to participate in case of cross-contamination.

"UnTour’s street eats breakfast tour starts with a tasting of three of Shanghai’s four most popular breakfast foods, collectively known as the “four heavenly kings”. There are crispy, oily, fried youtiao doughnuts, which are dipped into a freshly made sweetened soy milk that also helps wash down a dense cifantuan rice ball."
As featured in The Guardian's "20 of the best food tours around the world" list, June 2019
Spent 3 hours enjoying the best authentic Chinese food - breakfast, lunch, brunch! Joseph was a great host. Not only did we have all the food we could eat but we walked the streets and experienced Shanghai with those living here every day. Great food, great company, a great day!! 5 stars.
Limericker via TripAdvisor