How YOU Can Help Wuhan Recover

With restrictions on movement still in place for a large portion of the population, the best we can do to help out the citizens of Wuhan and beyond is send donations to those who are on the front lines fighting … Read More

The Story Behind Wuhan’s Famous Hot-Dry Noodles

You might have seen the memes going around lately that tend to feature Wuhan’s signature culinary dish – 热干面. So why the outpouring of culinary love for the dish? You might need to taste it to really ‘know’ for yourself, … Read More

Chinese Restaurants Currently Open in Shanghai

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Where to Eat Around Beijing’s Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is definitely on your itinerary while you’re visiting Beijing. Once the stately royal residence of the emperors for more than half a millennia during the Ming and Qing dynasties, it’s a must-see. However, we’d argue that the … Read More

Peking Duck For Every Budget

Peking Duck For Every Budget Let’s be real: Peking Duck is a must on any trip/visit/stay/life in the capital city. Sometimes you need a quick fix and you go cheap. Sometimes your rich aunt is visiting and the budget doesn’t … Read More