yangmei at market in Shanghai

How to Eat and Clean Yangmei (Bayberry – 杨梅)

What’s in a name? Shakespeare could have just as easily written, “A yángméi (杨梅) by any other name would taste as sweet.” And this little red Asian fruit does have a plethora of monikers: Myrica rubra, Chinese bayberry, yamamomo, Japanese bayberry, red bayberry and … Read More

All the Epic Jianbing-Inspired Dishes for World Jianbing Day 2020

We’ve curated a collection of limited-time special dishes created just for World Jianbing Day from our favorite chefs around Shanghai. If you hit up all 9 locations (see bingo board at the end), with proof, we’ll set you up with … Read More

The Naked Mala Peanut Butter Jianbing

We asked our friends over at Naked (purveyors of China’s finest nut butters) to come up with a special recipe for #WorldJianbingDay. And boy did they deliver! Check out the recipe bel! We’re used to going a bit nuts here … Read More

Cook With UnTour – New Digital Recipe Book Available!

The Cook with UnTour digital cookbook brings 25 legendary dishes into your home for you to recreate the flavors of our tours in China. The cookbook is a labor of love that was written by our guides, vendors, and admin … Read More

Want to Support Frontline Healthcare Workers, Local Restaurants & UnTour? Here’s How!

We are so grateful that you are part of the UnTour family. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses, both in the past and now more than ever. As things begin to get back to almost-normal here in China, … Read More