Audrey Voyage: “My Food Tour of Shanghai in La Presse”

Journalist Audrey Voyage joined UnTour Shanghai for our Street Eats – Breakfast food tour. She wrote about the experience in French at La Presse and then translated it to English for her blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

In between delicious stops where we get to try various local breakfasts, our guide tells us the story of Shanghai and its culinary traditions. We taste a youtiao (a stretched out doughnut), a wonton soup (a bowl of chicken broth with pork, prawn and bok choy wontons), two types of dumplings and a cifantuan (a fried dough holding glutinous rice with a filling of sugar and sesame or of vegetables, pork and duck egg). It’s thejian bing (a savoury thin pancake with eggs, green onions and hot sauce) that wins our heart. The group tours from Untour Shanghai are offered in English, but it’s also possible to take a private tour in French.

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