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The Best Hutong Walk in Beijing

Our UnTour Beijing team is regularly asked what we recommend visitors see or do after they finish the Beijing Hutong Breakfast Tour or on their extra day in Beijing. Our answer is always to continue exploring the very heart of … Read More

Where to Eat the Best Duck in Shanghai – Peking, Nanjing, Cantonese and Tea-Smoked Ducks

China likes ducks. The country raises 80% of the world’s ducks and eats 76% of them. So it’s no surprise you can find specialty duck restaurants all over the country, serving up different regional specialties, like: Peking, Cantonese, Nanjing and … Read More

What Makes Beijing Food So Great? Emperors and Their Appetites!

Almost all of China’s great cuisines have arisen in regions of abundance. The Yellow River Delta gave rise to Shandong cuisine, the Yangtze River Delta gave rise to Huaiyang cuisine and the Pearl River Delta gave rise to Cantonese cuisine. … Read More

Best Xinjiang Food in Shanghai – Top Five Xinjiang Restaurants

Looking for the best Xinjiang food in Shanghai? We’ve got you covered. The food from China’s far northwestern province of Xinjiang is culturally unique in the country. The dishes focus mostly on the halal flavors of Muslim cuisine from China’s … Read More

Shanghai’s Best City Walks

We are almost through winter, and that means it is nearly time to get outside and enjoy Shanghai’s best city walks! With “city walks” gaining popularity, there has never been a better time to take a leisurely stroll through familiar … Read More