Best Delivery Service in Shanghai?

The Pantry Shanghai Co-opYes, we depend on Sherpa’s for lots… but did you know who is getting into the delivery game in Shanghai, with free delivery before 9 a.m. ?!

THE PANTRY! (Think cupcakes, fresh jams and chutneys, sandwiches, bagels, cookies, and more – all hommeade, all local businesspeople looking to personally cater your breakfast, lunch, snack, or corporate event.) Trust us, there is not one disappointing morsel in that whole shop.

Here’s what you need to know:

FREE delivery before 9:00am and only 12 rmb the rest of the day.
You can still enjoy the same great set meals starting at ¥25!
Bagel/Pastry + Drink = ¥25
Sandwich + Cupcake/Brownie/2 Cookies + Drink =¥50
Cupcake/2 Cookies + Drink = ¥2

Check out the full menu online at

Here’s all the contact info:
90 Nanyang Rd (near Xikang Rd)
3255 7172

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