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Beijing’s Best Ningxia Restaurant

Looking for Beijing’s best Ningxia restaurant? Our go-to is A Xi Ye (阿西叶), a great halal restaurant where you can explore Silk Road cuisine in Beijing – and it’s located in a great hutong neighborhood! Below we’ve listed eight fantastic … Read More

Best VPNs for China – Get Around the Great Firewall

What is the best VPN for China? A VPN that you downloaded before you arrived in the Mainland! VPNs are essential for traveling around China. With the Great Firewall surrounding the internet in China, foreigners often find their access to … Read More

Five Fruit Teas to Beat the Heat This Summer in Shanghai

Anyone who’s enjoyed (endured?) a blazing Shanghai summer knows how to keep chill. For yours truly, climbing temperatures can only be beat by refreshing fruit teas, or 果茶 (guǒ chá), milk teas’ underrated but much “cooler” cousin. If you’re new … Read More

The Best Hutong Walk in Beijing

Our UnTour Beijing team is regularly asked what we recommend visitors see or do after they finish the Beijing Hutong Breakfast Tour or on their extra day in Beijing. Our answer is always to continue exploring the very heart of … Read More

Where to Eat the Best Duck in Shanghai – Peking, Nanjing, Cantonese and Tea-Smoked Ducks

China likes ducks. The country raises 80% of the world’s ducks and eats 76% of them. So it’s no surprise you can find specialty duck restaurants all over the country, serving up different regional specialties, like: Peking, Cantonese, Nanjing and … Read More