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Celebrate International Dumpling Day with The Five Best Dumpling Shops in Shanghai

To commemorate International Dumpling Day, we’ve rounded up Shanghai’s bao-nciest dumpling shops for you. We hope you’ll be celebrating dumpling day on September 26 by digging into your favorite dumplings! If you’re in the capital, check out our Top Five … Read More

Celebrate International Dumpling Day with The Five Best Dumpling Shops in Beijing

We don’t believe anyone ever needs an excuse to eat dumplings, but the coming week offers highly auspicious opportunities to do so. There are THREE important events making the future very bright for dumpling lovers. Your levels of desire for … Read More

Discover Zibo Barbecue in Beijing’s Hutongs

By Garth Wilson. Heard of Zibo Barbecue? This regional specialty took Chinese social media by storm in the first half of 2023. In turn, social media users have taken Zibo by storm, flooding the city until it ran out of … Read More

Buy the Cook With UnTour Digital Cookbook and Support Us During the Lockdown!

Well, it looks like restaurant delivery is off the table for Shanghai for the next 5 days, so if you’re looking for inspiration during lockdown, may we suggest our Cook with UnTour digital cookbook? And if you’re overseas, well – … Read More

UnTour X Crimson Pangolin Lockdown Deal: I’ll Drink to That!

Stuck in lockdown? Worried about your compound going into quarantine? Missing out on all that local food and drink while you’re locked inside? We’ve got you covered with the ultimate local drinks package: Arctic Ocean & Crimson Pangolin’s Jungle Gin … Read More