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Are you obsessed with jianbing, the Chinese street food of legend? Do you feel the need to be immersed in jianbing constantly? With this 1.5m-round Chinese crepe blanket, all your food-based warming and protecting needs can be met in the … Read More

August 9 is World Baijiu Day – Join Us in Shanghai!

Are You Ready to Ganbei With Us? Join our World Baijiu Day Masterclass in Shanghai on August 9. Did you know Baijiu is the world’s most consumed liquor? Now is the time to discover why because it’s almost World Baijiu Day, which … Read More

Don’t Miss the Jianbing Cocktail Pop-Up from J. Boroski!

Haven’t had the chance to try the Jianbing Cocktail at Shanghai speakeasy J Boroski yet? Well now is your chance at UnTour’s 1st Annual Jianbing Cook-Off. And at RMB 50 per cocktail, you won’t be finding this deal anywhere in … Read More

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Win 25+ Prizes Worth More Than RMB 17,000 at the Jianbing Cook-Off Charity Raffle

Got your tickets for UnTour Food Tours’ First Annual Jianbing Cook-Off? Don’t forget to grab some raffle tickets while you’re at it! We’re giving out over RMB 17,000 worth of prizes! All proceeds for the event will go to support … Read More

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Meet the 2020 UnTour Jianbing Cook-Off Competitors

Got your tickets for UnTour’s First Annual Jianbing Cook-Off Competition on Aug 8? Now you can start prepping for the People’s Vote by meeting the competitors! If you don’t have your tickets for the Jianbing Cook-Off yet, don’t worry! We’ve … Read More