Eddy’s Shanghai Gay Bar – CLOSED Sep ’16

If you’re searching for the address of Eddy’s, the long-standing Shanghai gay bar, we have some sad news to report: It has officially closed, and does not look likely to re-open, based on the ‘for rent’ sign in Chinese hanging … Read More

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LGBT Kiss-In, China Style

From the Shanghaiist, a great post on some enterprising activists who used Valentine’s Day as a day to raise awareness for marriage equality in China. Modeled after an event that took place last year in Shanghai, this year it was Beijing’s turn to rile up the authorities. … Read More

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Civil(ish) Unions in Shanghai

But perhaps even more interestingly is the phenomenon of gay arranged marriages, which has gotten quite a bit of press recently. In this case, however, instead of parents arranging matches for their children, gays and lesbians are matching up with each other in order to quell the sometimes insurmountable social pressure to get married. … Read More

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