Eddy’s Shanghai Gay Bar – CLOSED Sep ’16

If you’re searching for the address of Eddy’s, the long-standing Shanghai gay bar, we have some sad news to report: It has officially closed, and does not look likely to re-open, based on the ‘for rent’ sign in Chinese hanging out front. shanghai gay bar, eddys, untour food tours, shanghai, china

The Shanghai gay scene also recently mourned the loss of Shanghai Studio, just across the street just a few years back, so that corner of gay Shanghai at Huaihai Lu and Wukang Lu is officially over.

For dudes, if you’re looking for a fun night out, your best bet at this point is to head over to Lucca, also known as 390.
The address of that is:
390 Panyu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu
The Chinese address of 390 to show to a taxi driver is:
番禺路390号, 法华镇路

(If you’re taking an Uber, just type in ‘390’, it is the first one and it enters in the system as ‘390 Shanghai’)

SmartShanghai has this to say about 390:

Lucca (formerly known as 390) is smack in the middle of Shanghai’s gayborhood. It’s a stone’s throw from Happiness, gay friendly Celia, and Telephone 6, which is just upstairs. You’ll see this place immediately from the mass of gay men spilling out into the Panyu Lu soaked in sweat, and some in tears. It is Shanghai’s meat market, with a strong laowai presence. It is where men throw hungry eyes at each other in the circular bar room and take off their shirts in the adjoining dance area. They’ve got a small, cruisey upstairs area with seats, but you won’t find too many people chilling up there since it’s small. They also have a long booth area between the bar and a dancefloor where faghags are sobering up and pouty gays are waiting for their lost boyfriends. Drag shows, scantily clad muscle boy bar men, and pole dancing are to be expected amidst mediocre raging gay-techno.

If you have had a fun night out at gay bars in Shanghai and want to let us know about where it was, let us know in the comments!

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