Catering for Shanghai Business Meetings?

Try our friends over at the Pantry. They have a seriously good selection of artesinal foods, including soups, cookies, cupcakes, bagels, and much more! They cater business meetings and events as well, making them the perfect choice for just about anything in Shanghai.

If you’re looking for help with a custom corporate culinary event, contact us for more information on possible opportunities. Our culinary tours are a great introduction to the city, add to that cooking classes and

All soups come cold or freshly frozen in microwavable tubs for you to conveniently heat up at work.

Phone: 3255 7271

FREE delivery on orders deivered before 9:00am and only 12 rmb the rest of the day.

You can still enjoy the same great set meals starting at ¥25!

Bagel/Pastry + Drink = ¥25

Sandwich + Cupcake/Brownie/2 Cookies + Drink =

Cupcake/2 Cookies + Drink = ¥25

Sick of the same old catering for your business meetings? Keep us in mind for your next catered meeting. We’ve got options for groups of 6 to 22 for both breakfast and lunch.nt here.  Email us for more

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