Get Ready for Your Trip to Shanghai

Unless you’re one of those people who likes to be completely surprised when you get to a new destination, check this video out! It offers a fun little glimpse at what Shanghai really looks like today.

Shanghai 2011 from steven delcourt on Vimeo.

I know plenty of people who don’t like to know anything about where they’re going, and prefer to wander and just see what comes their way. I’ve been known to do that, which worked perfectly once in Manila when I ended up getting to hang out with a crew of volunteer firefighters all day during the biggest holiday of the year, Fiesta del Santo Nino, after wandering into their potluck party.

Shanghai, on the other hand, is usually best done with a bit of prior planning. A little local knowledge can go a long way, and looking up things you are interested in ahead of time is always a good idea. Of course, we’d recommend a running tour of the city if you like to see things on the go, while keeping active in your training. If you’re more of an eater, we’ve got custom food tours, and if you’re looking for something different, we’ve got cultural excursions, from the historical to the Chinglish. If we don’t have you covered, then check out the TripAdvisor page for Shanghai with all sorts of other ideas for what to do while you’re in town. Better make the most of it!

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