Glutton Guide Melbourne Takes Tourists Off the Eaten Path

Glutton Guide: The Hungry Traveler’s Guidebook is on a mission to help tourists eat like locals. First published in Shanghai in June 2015, the digital culinary guidebook series launched its Melbourne dining guide this month, offering a curated collection of dining experiences by one of the city’s foremost foodie experts.

The author of Glutton Guide Melbourne is Monique Bayer. A Melbourne native and the owner of Walk Melbourne, a culinary tour company, she is also the author of Devouring Melbourne: Uncovering a Delicious City. Monique knows all too well how much research is necessary to create a delicious meal-based itinerary. She believes there is nothing worse than a mouthful wasted on mediocre guidebook recommendations or outdated online listings when exploring a new country.

“Designed by a Melbourne foodie for foodies, Glutton Guide is all you’ll need to plan a memorable meal-based trip, highlighting the city’s most delicious foods,” Monique says. “More than just a book of listings, you’ll find an overview of the best food experiences in Melbourne and her surrounds, including the most respected coffee roasters the city is famous for. This gets you off the tourist trail and eating the best dishes at each restaurant, shoulder to shoulder with local diners.”

By concentrating just on the F&B offerings of a city, Glutton Guide Melbourne’s focus is narrower than broad-strokes guidebooks, picking up where these books fall short by using locally-based author-eaters, like Monique, who know the city’s dining scene inside and out. Unlike travel writers who come and go, these locals bring their thorough understanding and knowledge of the city to each edition, updated regularly as the dining scene evolves.

Alley -iphoneGlutton Guide goes beyond simple restaurant listings by providing a comprehensive look at the city’s dining scene. The Melbourne edition covers everything from neighborhood guides featuring the best eats around the city to day trips in the Yarra Valley wine county — plus everything in between, including the city’s best bars and handy translations to where to try ‘roo for the first time.

Glutton Guide Melbourne is available for download from our website, Amazon’s Kindle store or Apple’s iBooks store from US$6.99.


About Glutton Guide: Founded in June 2015, Glutton Guide is the first and only global, locally written guidebook series to focus solely on the dining scene of its destinations. Its mission is to ensure no traveler falls into a tourist trap when eating their way through a new city. The Glutton Guide series is written by locally-based food professionals in cities across the globe that they call home and are updated regularly to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

About the Author: Monique Bayer owns Walk Melbourne Tours ( She shares Melbourne’s stories while sharing food. Her walking tours focus on the things that locals love – coffee, dumplings, rooftop bars and the city’s laneways and arcades. She loves exploring her hometown with visitors and uncovering its treasures for them. She says, “If you haven’t seen Melbourne on foot, you missed the best bits”. Monique’s first book ‘Devouring Melbourne: uncovering a delicious city’ contains six self-guided food and drink themed walking tours of Melbourne with stories of the people and places you’ll meet along the way. She is the winner of the 2014 Victorian Tourism Award for Youth Achievement.

About the Publishers: Jamie Barys and Kyle Long are the co-founders of the Glutton Guides series and co-writers of the Shanghai edition. Collectively, they have lived in China for more than 14 years. They believe that the best way to get to know a culture is to eat your way through it, which is why they have been writing about food and travel for nearly a decade. In addition to Glutton Guide, they founded UnTour Shanghai, the city’s leading food tour company (

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