Hand Pulled Noodles in Shanghai (拉面)

There are some things in life you just have to see for yourself. That list most certainly includes the famed Lanzhou noodle masters, who seem to pull an endless string of noodles out of just a few twists and pulls on a chunk of dough. It really is magical. Living in China, we see this all the time, and eat here all the time as it truly is delicious and cheap. But for visitors it is a mind-boggling spectacle. Actually, I still get excited when I pull up a stool at my local noodle shop and I get to catch the master at work. It’s like dinner and show, when you’ve really only paid for a beverage.

We had to chuckle a little bit when we saw this video make it on to the New York Times. If this really becomes a trend in the states, maybe we won’t have trouble re-adjusting next time we go back for an extended vacation after all!

This is just a short glimpse into the beauty of fresh, hand-pulled noodles. Experiencing it in person means basking in the aroma of the cilantro beef broth, hearing your table mates slurp up the noodles in appreciation, and of course reveling in the deliciousness of it all. This is just one of many traditional types of noodles you can experience on our Oodles of Noodles Tour, and one that is not to be missed! Contact us today to find out even more.

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