Live Chinese Video-Beijing Edition

It’s not often that we can say we actually enjoy an advertising campaign, but these new short films from EF are surprisingly awesome. In addition to providing some great basic vocabulary, the typography and background music, as well as the actors and city scenes just all work perfectly. (We swear they aren’t paying us to post this)

Check out the Beijing video if you’re interested in learning Chinese, or seeing some typical Beijing street scenes. We’re totally volunteering ourselves to star in the Shanghai version! EF, contact me :-)!

UPDATE: I suppose this should be a testament to the difficulty of learning Chinese, but eagle-eye Youtube commenters point out that in the beginning, there is a mistake in the character used for “homestay.” It should read 寄宿家庭 (the 2nd character is wrong in the video). EF OOPS!

Organic Eating in Shanghai
Homemade From the Heart

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