Madeline Moments with Gashouse Eggs

Well, science has gone on ahead and proven all that (hint: it has to do with the fats), but the less scientific way of looking at it is a little tastier to us.

Tao Jones, an ABC with a family that still proclaims Chinese food as “the best” in the world, had his very own Madeline moment this week while eating ‘Three Treasures Rice’ with his mother for her birthday. An enthralling read, Tao talks to friends about what meals transport them – steamed meatcakes, tonkatsu, garlicky crispy turmeric fried chicken wings. Yum.

That got me thinking about the meal that takes me straight back to childhood and the first thing that popped into my heads was the Gashouse Egg. Also known as Toad in a Hole or Eggs in a Basket (if you’re at Cracker Barrel), moms around the world cut out perfectly round holes in a buttered slice of bread, crack an egg into the hole and let it fry on both sides. My mom made them from time to time and it was always magical.

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