Miele Guide 2012 Voting Begins!

Although Michelin still hasn’t marched its proud self across the Hong Kong border, China is still a part of the Miele Guide, the regional guidebook to Asia’s best restaurants. Last year, the slim red book only listed one China-based restaurant in its top 20 restaurants (Mr & Mrs Bund, the Bund’s modern French restaurant with the best lemon & lemon dessert in the world, ranked seventh, if you’re wondering).

Sure, China is competing against established fine dining scenes in Singapore and Hong Kong, not to mention Japan, the country with the most Michelin stars in the world. But we’ve still got some fancypants restaurants that deserve a nod – Maison Boulud in Beijing from Chef Daniel Boulud immediately springs to mind, as does Stiller’s in Shanghai, from Chef Stefan Stiller who earned a Michelin star just 14 months after opening Grand Cru is Germany.

So show some culinary pride and get out the vote, China – you’ve only got three votes for domestic restaurants, but use them wisely!

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