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MULTI-REGIONAL CHINESE FOOD TOUR AT NIGHT – After roughly 24 full hours in Shanghai, my first full day in the city continued into the night with an incredible multi-regional Chinese food tour with my new friend Li from UnTour Food Tours. They do really intimate tours in Shanghai and Beijing, so check them out when you visit! Watch the Video.

David's Been Here

ULTIMATE SHANGHAI STREET FOOD BREAKFAST TOUR – On the morning of my second full day in Shanghai, I met back up with my boy Li from UnTour Food Tours. He took me on a mouthwatering street food breakfast tour! Come along with us as we explore more of Shanghai! Watch the Video.

David's Been Here

THE ULTIMATE CHINESE FOOD & CRAFT BEER TOUR – My second full day in China continued with a mind-blowing Chinese food and craft beer tour in the French Concession. I linked up with my boy Topher from UnTour Food Tours, who would be taking me around to his favorite spots in the area. Watch the Video.

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20 of the Best Food Tours Around the World – Feast your eyes on these foodie walking tours, which reveal the flavours – and culture – of cities from Lisbon to Shanghai, Havana to Hanoi… UNTOUR’s street eats breakfast tour starts with a tasting of three of Shanghai’s four most popular breakfast foods, collectively known as the “four heavenly kings”. Continue Reading

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BEST RESTAURANTS IN SHANGHAI & WHAT TO EAT – One of my favourite things to do in a city is to take a food tour! It’s hard to decide on what to eat and to figure out what’s good and what’s not, especially in a city as big as Shanghai. Continue Reading

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A STINK OVER FERMENTED TOFU IN SHAOXING – Zhao insisted I have a taste, handing me a container of piping-hot tofu that had just come out of the fryer. I’d had stinky tofu before, but he was a revelation. Continue Reading

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REVIEW OF NIGHT EATS TOUR – The fact that UnTour Food Tours were sharing the history of Shanghai made us have a special connection with the places we were visiting and the food we were eating. Continue Reading

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48 HOURS IN SHANGHAI – Ogle eclectic architecture, stuff your face with delicious food, and burn calories as you walk your way around the Former French Concession’s best dim sum breakfast joints with the bilingual experts at UnTour Food Tours.Continue Reading

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Shanghai Dumpling Cooking Class and Tasting Tour – Review – If you like to eat so much you think you will burst, then definitely do this tour. I personally loved it, but more because of the guide. Kate was informative and managed to tell a story about Chinese history that related back to food.  Continue Reading

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Interview with UnTour’s Chief Eating Officer Jamie Barys – Ta for Ta is a new biweekly podcast, hosted by Juliana Batista, which captures the narratives of women from Greater China at the top of their professional game. Continue Reading

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Discover the best of Shanghai: 10 amazing things to do Devour the highlights on a morning tour of the Former French Concession, chatting to vendors with the help of the bilingual guides at Untour Food Tours. Along the way, the cheerful guides will also fill you in on the area’s rich history and architectural highlights. Continue Reading


Mamahuhu’s Guide To Shanghai – Mamahuhu, a cross-cultural comedy platform, joins UnTour Food Tour’s Co-Founder Jamie for local noodles and a visit to a local park on this Guide to Shanghai. Continue Reading


You’ll have the chance to find out about xiaolongbao and so much more with a fabulous UnTour experience that includes samples of the following: a pulled pork sandwich that’s dubbed the world’s oldest hamburger, traditional Chinese pancakes, wontons, potstickers, xiaolongbao, boiled dumplings, shui mai, steamed buns, and black sesame sticky buns. Continue Reading


[Industry Nights]: UnTour’s Jamie Barys – Jamie Barys runs, UnTour Food Tours, a company dedicated to sussing out the city’s best eats and showing them off to her customers. Here, she gives a glimpse of a few of her hidden gems. Continue Reading


Seasonal Hairy Crab Feast with UnTour Food Tours – Aficionados of hairy crab would flock to Yangcheng Lake, the source of the critter, or to the time-tested Shanghainese restaurants like Yong Xing and Wang Bao He. UnTour Food Tours has done one better, saving hairy crab aficionados the hassle of going it alone on their seasonal hunt with their Hairy Crab Feast tour, which takes foodies on a tried and tested route of restaurants in Old Town. Continue Reading


Now in Season: Hairy Crabs, and Two Ways to Eat Them – The tour goes through Old Town and includes plenty of huangjiu, the traditional spirit for drinking with hairy crabs, passing through two to three different venues/restaurants over the course of the night. This happens twice in October (13th and 24th) and twice in November (10th and 24th) and gives all profits to charity Shanghai Young Bakers, which is a nice touch. Continue Reading


Check Out These 17 Awesome F&B Events in Shanghai This Week – You’ll walk through the streets of Shanghai’s disappearin Old Town lane by lane to sample several classic hairy crab dishes, including xiefen xiaolongbao (pure crab steamed soup dumplings) and crab roe wontons. Continue Reading


Everything You Need to Do In Shanghai This Week – Uncover the delicious reasons why China goes crazy for these crabs two months of the year by sampling whole hairy crabs and 5-6 dishes that incorporate them in Shanghai’s Old Town neighborhood. Continue Reading


Eat Your Way Around the World on a Vegetarian or Vegan Food Tour – Sample jianbings (Chinese crepes) on a 3-hour breakfast walk in Shanghai, China. Guides lead you into “hole-in-the-wall” eateries and historic neighborhoods for local eats, and you’ll browse a local market. Continue reading


10 Days in China – We really wanted a taste of traditional Chinese food, so on our first night, we booked a food tour with UnTour. Continue Reading


Chinese Food Tour in Shanghai that YOU can Try – Over the course of one evening, you’ll feast on delicious and unique dishes from many regions of China. Continue Reading


One Perfect Week in China The food tour will take your palate along a culinary journey unique to Shanghai. We opted for the Night Eats tour, which included five restaurants and two street stops, allowing us to sample dozens of dishes and drinks, while mingling with locals and tourists alike… Continue Reading


Eat Your Way Through Shanghai on an UnTour Food Tour – An UnTour Food Tour is unique. On this tour, you will not only learn about the history and culture of the area but will also eat some pretty tasty food. And after all, combining culture with a full stomach is always a win-win in my book… Continue Reading


A Shanghai Food Tour Worthy of China’s Stressful Visa Process – In a city where the language barrier is so severe and your outsider status is highlighted by strangers repeatedly asking to take photographs with you, diving into authentic Chinese food for a solid three hours with an expert at the helm truly made my trip… Continue Reading


UnTour Food Tours, Shanghai, China – with Jamie Barys – I moved to Shanghai in 2007, after having studied abroad at Peking University and learning Mandarin for two years at uni back in the States. When I first arrived, I worked as a food writer in Shanghai. After three years and about 30,000 xiaolongbao, my business partner and I launched UnTour Food Tours in December 2010. In 2016, we also launched food tours in Beijing… Continue Reading


UnTour Food Tour: A family friendly Shanghai Food Tour – “UnTour Food Tour definitely allowed us to understand the flavours of Shanghai and we attained a serious appreciation for Shanghai food culture in the limited time that we had in the city…” Continue Reading


Explore Shanghai’s best breakfast with UnTour Food Tours and travel guru Samantha Brown on her new TV show Places to Love. Continue Reading


Best food tour in Shanghai – “Where can you eat with the locals, taste the “real deal” and learn something about Chinese cuisine? A tricky task, unless you speak the lingo. We found the answer on an UnTour Shanghai Night Eats food tasting & Walking tour. In our opinion, the best food
tour in Shanghai…” Continue Reading


The best things to do on a layover at Shanghai’s Pudong airport – The three-hour Night Eats tour in the Old Town area is perfect for those craving a decent meal before flying on. It covers a dozen tastings ranging from freshly prepared deep-fried water snake and five spiced crayfish in Shouning Lu Seafood Street to hand-pulled spring onion-oil noodles, and salt and pepper pastries that have been voted Shanghai’s best. Continue Reading


How to See Shanghai in Just 1 Weekend – A trip to Shanghai isn’t complete until you’ve strolled the leafy streets of the French Concession…UnTour Shanghai offers a variety of culinary tours in the area, including the “Street Eats” breakfast tour and “Dumpling Delights.” Continue Reading


The best things to do in Shanghai during Golden Week 2017 – Feast like a Tang dynasty emperor at UnTour’s hairy crab feast, where you’ll learn the history of this Chinese delicacy and more importantly stuff yourself on xiaolongbao and crabby meatballs. Continue Reading


Where To Eat Hairy Crab in Shanghai – Now UnTour has done one better, launching their new Hairy Crab Feast tour. They’ve hand-picked five to six hairy crab tastings, combining the tastings with a session on how to eat a whole hairy crab, a few swigs of brandy and sightseeing. Continue Reading


Ways to join the hairy crab craze in Shanghai – With all these options, it can be hard to know where to start (Which restaurant? Which end of the body?). To get the crab party going, check out UnTour Food Tours (China’s top-ranked culinary tour company) which has launched a seasonal Shanghai Hairy Crab Feast for the months of October and November. Continue Reading


The Fat Kid Inside Does Shanghai – “36 Hour Layover Guide – We LOVE this travel video on Shanghai that came out earlier this year. We were happy to host and feed the poetic dude behind this beautifully-shot and written video, Erwan, and his team.” Watch the video


Shanghai surprise – “Neon lights illuminate Shouning Road and restaurateurs are vying for passing trade when I meet my guide from UnTour for their ‘Night Eats’ Tour”. Continue Reading


Shanghai City Guide – Take a three-hour all-you-can-eat breakfast excursion around the Former French Concession and sample fare from the tried-and-tested pancake-flippers, bun-steamers, egg-scramblers and dumpling-fryers. Continue Reading


Dumpling Delights With UnTourFood – “We chose UnTourFoodTours for this alternative week end experience, I wanted to make sure about food safety of the places we were going to visit, especially because Olivia was going to go with us. UnTourFoodTours, is the Top1 Food tour company in China, so I thought I was in very good hands.” Continue Reading


Walking Tours of Shanghai – “Add another dimension to your walking tour by eating your way along it. UnTour Food Tours has a number of tours that you can join where you walk and eat you way through Shanghai. I’ve done a noodle tour and a night market with UnTour and I find it absolutely one of the most fun ways to explore the city.” Continue Reading


Shanghai | Hidden Treasures of Shanghai – “UnTour gives simply the finest food tours in Shanghai. For any newbies to the city and it’s unique, diverse and celebrated cuisine, this is the way to do it. And no, they won’t make you wear a special cap or follow a flag around.” Continue Reading


Shanghai Recommendations: Food, Drinks, and Sights – “The Night Eats Tour included more delicious street food and alcohol than I should have consumed in one evening, a great history lesson from the knowledgeable guides, a few new travel friends, and the savage beheading of a water snake (unpleasant but important to watch for any meat eater). This was easily one of the highlights of my trip.” Continue Reading


Shanghai Night Eats Food Tour: From Hand-Pulled Noodles to River Snake – “We read the glowing reviews, and UnTour’s ‘Shanghai Night Eats’ tour sounded fresh and exciting. We met up with our guides on a Sunday night at 7pm, hungry, and along with ten other hungry travelers, set off to eat whatever came our way. Three hours, three stops, and some twenty dishes later, we decided that the Shanghai Night Eats Food Tour is indeed a must-do for anyone visiting Shanghai.” Continue Reading


Shanghai a street foodie’s paradise – “We snack on chilli-covered roti, savoury Chinese crepes and lean pork dumplings all cooked fresh in front of us. Our guide is a godsend; there’s no chance an English-speaking tourist could find these hidden gems without local knowledge….” Continue Reading


The Best Tours to Take in Shanghai – “With its commitment to honoring Shanghai and Beijing’s fading street food culture, UnTour Food Tours has unsurprisingly captured the attention of publications like The New York Times, National
Geographic, and CNN Travel. As Shanghai in particular works to improve food safety, many street food institutions have sadly seen themselves shuttered in the past few years. Now, taking an UnTour may be one of the only ways to truly experience this vanishing phenomenon…” Continue Reading


High-speed Shanghai – “Drinking’s a mad, mad swirl… From Ningxa Riesling to biodynamic Cabernet Gernischt from Inner Mongolia, China is revolutionising its wine industry. Find out on UnTour’s night-market and wine-pairing tour, sampling porky dumplings with Sino vino in the streets around People’s Square…” Continue Reading


Touring Shanghai – “Inspired by the successful experience, and by the ease of touring Shanghai in the wake of an expert guide I sign up for Hands-on Dumpling Delights Tour with UnTour Shanghai Food Tours. Here I must say that dumpling in any shape or form is my favorite food item. I hold a strong belief that since dough stuffed…” Continue Reading


A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Shanghai – “…a guaranteed way to see some of the best parts of the city while meeting other foreigners is to take an UnTour. UnTour offers unconventional tours of the city, focusing on the disappearing street food scene. Not only will you get to try incredible food that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise, but you’ll be paired with a guide who can show you a more authentic side of Shanghai than you’d get by simply sticking to the major attractions.” Continue Reading


Savoring the flavors of Shanghai – “CNN’s James Williams discovers why China’s restaurant scene is booming, enjoying an exclusive lunch in the 3 Michelin-starred Langham Hotel Shanghai…” Continue Reading


A mesmerizing mix of East and West, Shanghai is like no other city in China – “the following evening I join an UnTour Shanghai night-market food crawl. We watch a man kill and pan-fry a snake, sample crayfish doused in Sichuan peppercorn sauce, gorge on “face slap” dumplings (so called because they are supposedly so tasty…”  Continue Reading Article


The Weird And Wonderful: MC In China  “Salt and pepper water snake was on the menu on a wonderful UnTour street food tour by night in Shanghai. We sampled over 20 dishes ranging from  Uyghur cuisine (Muslim food from the north), pulled noodles, crawfish and dumplings to Sichuan fare and typical desserts…” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai China – Shanghai’s reputation as a centre of luxury retail is burgeoning but the charm of the city remains its street life and traditional shikumen houses connected by alleyways draped in drying laundry. Be sure to take part in the eating and drinking the city has become famous for – not least by waking up early at least one morning for a bao…” Continue Reading Article


UnTour Shanghai – “See a whole new side to the Old Town on an evening Night Markets Food Tour. Gregarious and knowledgeable guides introduce you to the city’s vibrant scene through a walk around neighbourhood alleys famous for their street food. Stops at sizzling stalls and neon-lit restaurants give you the chance to sample everything from chilli-oil–soaked crayfish to deep-fried water snake…” Continue Reading Article


STUCK IN THE MIDDLE EP 60: KYLE LONG, HOLES IN THE WALL – Kyle Long owns UnTour Shanghai Food Tours (check out their new website), a tour company so good it’s one of the top things to do in the city. His team is also behind the fantastic Glutton Guides. We talked about his journey into the world of food, and his Herculean bike ride across the US and SE Asia, dodging everything from insanity to landmines…” Continue Reading Article


36 Hours in Shanghai – “UnTour Shanghai, a street culinary tour company, simplifies the process by doing the ordering for you. The Dumplings Delights tour spans the breadth of China, from cabbage-filled jiao zi eaten in wintry northeastern China to delicate shrimp almond pastries from southern China…” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai’s best city tours – “While Shanghai has no shortage of fine dining and local eateries, many visitors can find it intimidating or overwhelming to get an authentic taste of real China. Enter UnTour Shanghai, a young food tour company giving exciting, delicious culinary excursions throughout the city…” Continue Reading Article


Why Shanghai’s first American Chinese restaurant is taking off – “Long-time expat Jamie Barys operates UnTour, a service offering street food tours – revealing the hidden secrets of Shanghai’s favourite local haunts. She delights in challenging tourists’ presumptions about what comprises a typical Chinese meal…” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai – Where to eat – “On my first visit to the city, I signed up with UnTour Shanghai for its Dumpling Delights tour, and attempted to eat my own body weight in delicious dim sum. Heaven. This time, I head out on the Night Market tour…” Continue Reading Article


Vegetarian food tour in Shanghai – “We’ve been running street food tours under the name of UnTour Shanghai for about two years, and we were getting a surprising number of emails from people saying: ‘I’m a vegetarian, can you help me?” Continue Reading Article


TRAVEL REVIEW: Shanghai, China – ” If you want to taste authentic Shanghainese food but you don’t want to end up with traveller’s tummy, book yourself on a four-hour Untour street food sampler (www.untourshanghai.com). All dishes are included in the price (£57) and Mandarin-speaking American guides will, crucially, explain how to eat a piping hot juice-filled pork dumpling, without giving yourself third-degree burns.” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai on a dime? Pretty close – “For independent travellers about to start an expedition into the huge, mysterious nation of China, I have some advice: stop in Shanghai and take a deep breath…” Continue Reading Article


#138 Savor street food like a local with Jamie Barys – “With the multitudes of complex ingredients and flavours, tasting some of China’s finest cuisines is simply par for the course if you’re going to do China right… at least, it is if you’re like me and serious foodie Jamie Barys of UnTour Shanghai…” Continue Reading Article


11 Cool things to do in 72 hours in Shanghai – “With a population of around 25 million people across an area spanning over 2,400 square miles, Shanghai is China’s largest city. If you’re not sure what that really means, that’s pretty big. It’s a city with a colourful history and a strong influence from the West…” Continue Reading Article


How to do a 72 hour whirlwind stay in Shanghai – “If you want to taste authentic Shanghainese food, but you don’t want to end up with traveller’s tummy, book yourself on a four-hour Untour street food sampler. All dishes are included in the price (€57) and Mandarin-speaking American guides will, crucially, explain how to eat a piping hot juice-filled pork dumpling…” Continue Reading Article


72 Hours in Shanghai – “UnTours are well established and renowned for their use of local guides. The company was created by American and Shanghai resident Jamie Barys who, despite her Tennessee twang and southern upbringing, must surely be in the running for Shanghai’s premier Dumpling Queen…” Continue Reading Article


Why now is the best time to eat in Shanghai – “Shanghai is having a renaissance of late, especially in the culinary field,” says Jamie Barys, the CEO of Shanghai’s popular food tour company UnTour Shanghai. “With the pollution and the food scandals getting harder to ignore, people are a lot more concerned about their health these days…” Continue Reading Article


Experience the diversity and luxury of Shanghai dining – “Keen to sample a range of breakfast, or street food delicacies? A street food tour might be in order. UnTour Shanghai offers a Hands-On Dumplings Delights Tour and a Street Eats Breakfast Tour…” Continue Reading Article


Exploring the night markets with UnTour Shanghai – “UnTour was founded in 2010 by a woman named Jamie Barys, a food writer and longtime Shanghai expat. She says, “More and more people rank eating local foods in authentic settings as their number one priority when traveling, but discovering where the locals eat can be difficult in an unfamiliar location…” Continue Reading Article


Host with the most – “If they are more adventurous but fear the street stalls, UnTour Shanghai food tours might be an option for them. Their most popular among the elderly is the Street Eats Breakfast tour…” Continue Reading Article


Virée gourmande à Shanghai – “La cuisine de Shanghai est la plus jeune de Chine, et de ce fait, grandement influencée par les traditions du reste du pays, mais là-bas, les plats sucrés et aigres-doux ont le dessus sur les plats épicés…” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai China city guide with Luru Home – “Hop on Untour Shanghai’s Breakfast Tour to get an intimate peek at how the locals start their day. Fellow Shanghai entrepreneurs Jamie and Kyle lead a host of nuanced and refreshing tours…” Continue Reading Article


12 of China’s craziest street foods – “Tired of the same ol’ jianbing, shengjianbao and shako? A whole other world of street food awaits… if you’re adventurous enough to find it. Sometimes the delicious snacks are hidden in plain view… ” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai’s must-have street food breakfasts – “Jamie Barys is the chief eating officer of UnTour Shanghai, one of the city’s leading food tour operators. UnTour’s breakfast tour is available every Tuesday and Sunday and offers a guide to the delights of early morning street food…” Continue Reading Article


Night market tour in Shanghai – “I experienced all this and more on a frigid January evening in Shanghai with the guidance of a knowledgeable, hungry expat who moonlights as a tour guide for UnTour Shanghai…” Continue Reading Article


UnTour Shanghai’s street food tour – Review – “UnTour has filled a niche in Shanghai’s walking tour market with hand-held hands-on food tours. The concept is simple and if you thought hard, you’d realize that you don’t need a tour to get you to walk the food streets and try a few bites of street food…” Continue Reading Article


Past, present and future in Shanghai – “Mitch Conquer, a guide with popular Shanghai tourism company Untour, arrived in China several years ago and managed sales for a big industrial company before switching to tourism. The Street Eats breakfast tour he took us on was a cultural and culinary insight into Shanghainese life…” Continue Reading Article


See Shanghai differently with these 6 tours – “There is no shortage of incredible eating in Shanghai, but language and concerns about hygiene can prove obstacles to discovering the city’s street food. Fortunately, two American expats, Jamie Barys and Kyle Long, have created UnTour, leading travelers on walking expeditions…” Continue Reading Article


Street eats breakfast food tour with UnTour Shanghai – “While traveling to China we wanted to try every kind of food possible. So I was really excited when I stumbled across an article on TimeOut Shanghai about alternative Shanghai tours, which included a write up on culinary tours with UnTour Shanghai…” Continue Reading Article


China’s best food blogs: Culinary backstreets – “This edition of China’s Best Food Blogs features local mainstay UnTour Shanghai — ever wanted to eat your way through the city? Join this food tour group as they show you all the hidden gems and best kept secrets of Shanghai’s food scene. They offer half-day culinary tours of the city…” Continue Reading Article


A street food tour of Shanghai & the marriage markets – “We’re exploring some of Shanghai’s culinary treasures with Kyle Long from Untour Shanghai. We had been warned in no uncertain terms that we need to arrive hungry. “Our aim is to leave you full” Kyle says.” Continue Reading Article


Weird meat in Shanghai – “People will eat anything with four legs except a table,” says Jamie, our adventurous Shanghai guide who runs an amazing Weird Meat tour. “And they’ll eat anything with wings except an plane.” There are some foods in China you’re unlikely to find on sale in your local supermarket…” Continue Reading Article


The best ways to experience Shanghai – “If you want an authentic taste of Shanghai, take this or any UnTour! Very informed and friendly English-speaking guides will allow you to experience places and tastes like Xiangyang Food Stalls, Henan Pulled Noodles, Donghu Wet Market…” Continue Reading Article


China: Shanghai temptations – “You can’t go to Shanghai without being tempted by the street food. It’s cheap, looks and smells delicious and is everywhere. Specialist companies with local knowledge such as Untour Shanghai know the best vendors and offer walking food tours and an all inclusive price…” Continue Reading Article


The Shanghai tour supplement – “The folks behind UnTour Shanghai believe that the best way to explore a new city is to eat your way through it, so they’ve created bite-sized tours to help tourists and expats get to know Shanghai, one mouthful at a time. By serving up dishes from choice local restaurants and street food stalls…” Continue Reading Article


Tried and tested family activity: Dumpling crawl – “Have you and your family ever been tempted to try the many different kinds of street food you’ve smelled and seen, but because you didn’t know what most of the food was or if it was safe, you stayed away? Well, Jamie Barys of UnTour Shanghai will safely guide you in the right direction on their walking Dumpling Delights Tour…” Continue Reading Article


Shanghai dumpling tour with UnTour Shanghai – “If anyone can lead you to the best places for dumplings or possibly even gluten free dumplings, it would be the folks at UnTour Shanghai. I’ve been on three of their tours and thoroughly enjoyed and learned from each experience…” Continue Reading Article


Eat your way across Shanghai on foot – “Everyone in here is just super friendly, super nice and they’re always curious because they don’t see many foreigners in these small places,” says Jamie Barys, my tour guide, who founded UnTour just over two years ago with colleague Kyle Long, both from the United States…” Continue Reading Article


Bright lights, biggest city: Soaring towers and mad markets in ever-growing Shanghai – “On a sunny Saturday morning in Shanghai’s Renmin Square parents are busy advertising their sons and daughters for marriage. Lover’s corner, as it’s known, is a weekly matrimonial market…” Continue Reading Article


Market tours offer travellers a make-it-yourself feast – “We take the stress out of eating out and make sure that all of our guests leave China with an authentic culinary experience under their belts,” said Jamie Barys, chief eating officer of UnTour Shanghai…” Continue Reading Article


Walking tours of Shanghai – “After all this shopping and touring, you’re bound to have worked up quite an appetite. UnTour’s resident Chief Eating Officer (CEO) will take you on a walkabout of Shanghai’s best street eats to learn how to order starchy sustenance like a local…” Continue Reading Article


No jobs in The U.S.? I’m moving! – “With all the horror stories of the job market in the USA, my best friend Jamie and I decided we were not going to do the traditional job search back home. Instead, after moving to China to study and teach English, we decided to start our own company…” Continue Reading Article


Street foods breakfast extravaganza – “When our friend M visited last week I knew she’d be game for a morning dedicated to street food, and I had recently heard that Untour Shanghai was offering small group street food breakfast tours. Shanghai is the sort of city that attracts a lot of visitors when you live there…” Continue Reading Article


Street foods breakfast extravaganza – “When our friend M visited last week I knew she’d be game for a morning dedicated to street food, and I had recently heard that Untour Shanghai was offering small group street food breakfast tours. Shanghai is the sort of city that attracts a lot of visitors when you live there…” Continue Reading Article


The 10 best Shanghai tours for the truly tour-group-phobic – “In the last few years, a crop of tour companies has popped up offering a glimpse into particular aspects of Shanghai, from art to history and even shopping. For those not ready to sit back for a show-and-tell, these outfits help people see the city on their own…” Continue Reading Article


Frühstück to go (German) – “Ich sollte vorausschicken: ich bin kein großer Frühstücken. Es gibt Leute, die fallen tot um, wenn sie morgens nicht sofort was zu essen kriegen, bei mir hingegen besteht Frühstück…” Continue Reading Article


A review of the food and culinary tour operator UnTour Shanghai – “UnTour has filled a niche in Shanghai’s walking tour market with hand-held hands-on food tours. The concept is simple and if you thought hard, you’d realize that you don’t need a tour to get you to walk the food streets…” Continue Reading Article


The good taste tour guides – “Food tourism, the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences, is still largely a niche market in Shanghai’s tourism industry. But trailblazers Jamie Barys and Kyle Long are changing that…” Continue Reading Article


Dumpling delights UnTour, more dumplings than your stomach can handle – “Untour Shanghai is an ‘urban adventure tourism company’ specialising in culinary food tours of the best restaurants and holes in the wall the city has to offer. A friend and I recently joined a group taking part…” Continue Reading Article


Alternative Shanghai tours – “Crossing the street can be a dangerous business in Shanghai. So, to some, braving Shanghai’s roads on just an old bicycle might seem foolhardy. However, the China Cycle Tour guides exude nonchalance, leaving it up to us to decide…” Continue Reading Article


Oodles of noodles in Shanghai – “One steamy July afternoon in Shanghai and four noodle houses, one Shanghai deco coffee house, a single one-stop shopping wet market later, I feel like I have a good handle on the best locals cum cult favourite noodle houses in this crazy hot city of modern mile-high…” Continue Reading Article


A day with Colonel Noodles – “The first time I went to a hole-in-the-wall noodle restaurant in China, I was jet-lagged, hungover and 14 hours into my visit. My sister, at the time a Shanghai resident of four years, led the charge down the two stairs and through the throng of slurping locals…” Continue Reading Article

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