Shanghai Daily Coverage of UnTour Shanghai!

UnTour Shanghai was recently featured in Shanghai’s major English-language daily newspaper, Shanghai Daily. While the article sort of confuses the fact that running sightseeing tours and food tours are COMPLETELY SEPARATE activities, it’s nice to see the mention in the local press. From the article:

Early morning is always a good time for jogging since there are fewer people in the street, less traffic and less pollution, Long says.

He, who started jogging when he was very young, always tries to keep it interesting and find new things to show joggers.

“There are lots of one-day tours in Shanghai, and people can find tour books everywhere, however, we want to show foreigners a different Shanghai with a unique angle,” says Long.

One jogging tour can take in the former French concession, heritage architecture, traditional shikumen (stone-gated) houses, old town’s narrow streets, temples and a bustling market.

Early morning joggers watch people practicing tai chi and others eating traditional breakfasts of pancakes, xiaolong mantou (steamed dumplings stuffed with meat) and shengjian (fried dumplings).

To reiterate, who in the hell thinks it would be a good idea to try to eat Chinese food and take a jog at the same time? No one. Which is why we recommend first a j0gging tour, and then a private, guided food tours of Shanghai the next day! Happy jogging and eating!

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