Shanghai Food Competitions!

Right now is a good time to have a little extra free on your hands for entering contests.  Here are two competitions, one big, one small-ish. Like a good tapa, good things do come in small packages, so we’ll start there.

Glutton Guide Shanghai: We’ve partnered with Talk Magazine to give out a combo free Street Eats Breakfast tour for 2 people + free copy of the city’s only digital foodie guidebook, Glutton Guide Shanghai. All you have to do is tag Talk on social media with a comment about your favorite street food stall to win! Basically we’re giving you a fish, but also teaching you how to fish, and all you have to do is type an @ symbol and 140 characters…Make us proud.

Twitter: @talkmagazinesh
Instgram: @talkmagazinesh

FREE TRIP TO NEPAL: Ok, so this one is huge. Nepal needs our support and tourism dollars more than ever, so Sherpa’s (get it?) is offering an epic contest with round trip airfare, accommodations, tours, etc. for 2 people. It’s worth RMB15,000, which is basically more than you earn all month. Full info here, but here’s all you have to do:

-Get a photo of yourself posing as a Sherpa’s courier/logo, and post it to one of their social media sites (there’s one for everyone, including your grandma)
Post it to Instagram with hashtag #sherpascontest and #deliverme2nepal
Post it to their Facebook page:
Post it to their Weibo page (if you use that I’m sure you know where to look)
You can also send it to them as a photo message to wechat if for some reason that is even easier (keep it mind they may post it, so try to keep your pants on)
You can also leave it as a comment on a blog post: at
I bet you could even just hand a printed out photo to a courier to see what would happen. Ya never know!

You can enter as many times as you like before September 30.

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