Shanghai Sesame Noodles to try at Home!

We love sending our guests off with something extra, which is why we always give out recipes of some of the things we try during the culinary tours. What better way to remember your trip long after you’ve gone home, then to try and recreate some of the things you’ve tasted?!

A past guest and friend sent along his attempt at the sesame noodles that so many people rave about during the Oodles of Noodles tour. He says he had to improvise a bit on the recipe we gave him when he got home, but it still turned out pretty delicious. We’ll post both pictures below, and you can decide for yourself which one was found in China! Hint: fancy silverware is not allowed on our UnTours!

A pretty good attempt


Shanghai sesame noodles
It’s a beauty!
Enjoying Shanghai Noodles Tour
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