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Reddit is quickly becoming the forum of choice for funny, often engaging news, comments and discussion. The Shanghai board is well-moderated, so it’s pretty much spam-free info. If you’ve got a question, post it and people are pretty quick to help out.

There is an FAQ with tons of info, and check the sidebar for useful links, etc. But here’s a post that people looking to get off the beaten tourist path might really find useful. It’s a listing of Shanghai’s Wholesale markets (including a few food ones). I’m always amazed at how many of these markets there are out there (seriously, I’ve been to the motorcycle market and it is just a giant mass of everything related to motorcycles, scooters, spare parts, helmets and more). Good fun if you’re looking for something random to do. Check out the full post is here, and the food ones below.

Imported Wholesale Foods 1255 Lianhua Rd, Minghang District 闵行区莲花路1255号 Mix of Imported and local foods including; dairy products (butter, cheese, etc), baking ingredients, all nuts, spices, condiments, flours, canned goods, sugars, chocolates, etc. This is the place to go. The imported American, European, Indian, and other goods mainly on the south end of the market.

Caoyang Wholesale Fruit Market 1366 Caoyang Rd, Putuo District 上海山华果品市场北区 普陀区曹杨路1366 Largest (its HUGE) wholesale fruit market in Puxi, both Chinese and Imported fruits

Tongchuan Marine Market 800 Tongchuan Rd, Putuo District 铜川水产市场北区 普陀区铜川路800号 Anything that lives in the water (watch out for the eel aisle). There is a small hotel supply and dry goods market on the west side and set back in on the north end.

Huanghai Frozen Foods Market 38 Beishi Rd, Putuo District 皇海冷冻食品商行 普陀区北石路38号 Imported and Chinese meats: beef, pork, poultry (turkeys), fish, etc.

We’ve also covered where to find amazingly good deals on kitchen equipment and designer pottery over on our partner site, Culinary Backstreets. The great thing about these markets is that you don’t generally have to buy in huge quantities to get great deals.

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