Spots on our full Day Tour Monday March 26th still available!

If anyone out there is looking for a fun way to spend some time this coming Monday, we’ve got a fun day tour around Shanghai planned. It’s a combination of two of our most popular tours, one culinary, one filled with Markets.

Here’s the plan:

Noodles in Shanghai
We’ll eat some noodles, yep!

Wake up with the city to taste the Chinese breakfast of champions. We’ll mingle with water calligraphers and tai chi masters, explore traditional hawker cuisine at local street stalls and learn the true meaning of fresh at a wet market.

Once you’ve eaten your fill, you’ll explore Shanghai’s amazing markets. Wander through a wholesale market filled with what appears to be all the tea in China, then pick out a new pet at the local bird and cricket market. We’ll also drop by Shanghai’s antique market for some good-old fashioned bargaining, pop into a Buddhist temple and the most bustling wet market in town before finishing up in Shanghai’s most commercial district.

Total time is about 6 hours. For more info on the tour, check here:Breakfast Street Eats & Shanghai Markets Extravaganza


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