UnTour Ranked #1 in Travel + Leisure’s Best Shanghai Tours

Travel + Leisure listed the best companies to use when touring Shanghai, and UnTour ranked first. Writer Hart Hagerty said:

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 6.10.44 PM

1. UnTour

While Shanghai has no shortage of fine dining and local eateries, many visitors can find it intimidating or overwhelming to get an authentic taste of real China. Enter UnTour Shanghai, a young food tour company giving exciting, delicious culinary excursions throughout the city. A foodie’s dream, their tours—which invite guests to gorge themselves on traditional street foods from breakfast bites to hearty dumplings—give visitors an unforgettable taste of Shanghai’s culinary underbelly.

So whether you’re looking for a street food tour of Shanghai’s best breakfasts, a Night Markets tour of the city’s most mouthwatering late night snacks or a dumpling tour that traverses the country’s jiaozi map without ever leaving the former French Concession, remember UnTour Shanghai!

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