UnTour Reveals Favorite Breakfast Street Food for Time Out Shanghai

We love Chinese street food breakfast so much that our Street Food – Breakfast tour was the first one we ever designed at UnTour Shanghai! So when Time Out Shanghai approached us to talk about some of our favorite local breakfast spots, we could barely stop talking…

Read the whole article here or check out some highlights below:

The first stop on UnTour’s Street Eats – Breakfast tour is Xiangyang Lu, just north of Changle Lu. This half block is the densest concentration of morning street food in the area. I love that street food is the ultimate open kitchen, and our guests enjoy watching everything being made right in front of them, from the dough being kneaded for danbing (a yeasty pancake crowned with fried egg and a slather of sweet chili sauce) to the spinning wok technique ofguotie (potstickers). I cannot resist a good jianbing (Chinese crepe), and the husband-wife team here whip up a delicious one with a fiery chili sauce that will wake up more than your tastebuds. If you order the guotie orshengjianbao (Shanghai’s famous fried pork buns), you can pull up a stool at the dumpling shop’s tiny dining room and rub elbows with the locals slurping congee. There’s more than a half dozen other stalls selling youtiao (oil sticks), baozi (steamed buns), zhima qiu (sesame balls) and doujiang (soy milk) – just to name a few of the dishes.

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