Where to go on a Sunny Shanghai Day

It’s sort of still a ‘hidden’ gem (by Shanghai standards, this means empty benches, open space, etc), but we’re in the mood to share, because really the more the merrier.

You can try the Sunny Beach at the Cooldocks, but if you want to avoid crowds, scale a climbing wall, enjoy one of the longest, uninterrupted by traffic running paths, and watch the ships go by, then you MUST go to the South Bund Xuhui Riverside Park.

It’s easy to get here from the former(!) French concession. Just bike/run south down Wulumuqi, keep going straight across Zhaojiabang Lu, and just keep going until you hit the river. You’ll be welcomed by the gleaming Family Mart in the distance, right on the water. Looking to booze on the cheap? Family Mart has wine! It might even be considered a “date spot” depending on how cool your date is.

best shanghai park
It’s always sunny in South Shanghai.If you want to avoid stoplights while running
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