A Tale of Many Noodles

I had the pleasure of leading a very fun, spirited family of six during their time in Shanghai on the Oodles of Noodles UnTour, somewhere about the midpoint of an amazing months-long tour of Asia. I wanted to share some of Steve’s blog post about the day! Here’s the full link for even more.

“Our plunge into Shanghai/Chinese culture continued with a delightful tour that Susie found.  A couple of American ex-pats have created a company that provides authentic Shanghai eating experiences.  My mother (the Silver Fox) is giving us two such experiences while we are in Shanghai as Christmas presents.  Today was our noodle tour.  Kyle (our host and the co-founder of the company) took us to four different noodle houses.

If you, like me, mildly dislike people regaling you with tales of meals eaten, please accept my apologies.  I am hoping to give you a feel for the sun of the tour rather than the specifics of the food.  I will not discuss how the noodles play on our tongues or how the spices played in our mouths.

The first was a hole in the wall that was absolutely packed.  We were told to hover inside and grab the first seats available.  Virginia, Terrill and I sat on a bench for two across from a grandmother and her grandson.

Doting Grandma, Reluctant Grandchild

The menu on the wall has dozen of items, but Kyle soon explained that 90% of them are marked with the symbol for “sold out” and have been for every visit he has ever made.  In essence, they sell 2 types of noodles with 3-4 variations each.  You come in, grab your seat, eat quickly and move on.  I am reminded of the classic John Belushi skit on Saturday Night Live: “no coke, Pepsi.  No chicken, cheeseburger.  No hamburger, cheeseburger.”

Two thumbs up!

Again, here’s the link to the full story!

They combined their package to also do a half-day cooking class, and in a show of their adventurous eating spirit, managed to make and eat sea slugs! Well done crew! Hope to have you back again sometime soon.

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