yangmei at market in Shanghai

How to Eat and Clean Yangmei (Bayberry – 杨梅)

What’s in a name? Shakespeare could have just as easily written, “A yángméi (杨梅) by any other name would taste as sweet.” And this little red Asian fruit does have a plethora of monikers: Myrica rubra, Chinese bayberry, yamamomo, Japanese bayberry, red bayberry and … Read More

Chinese Restaurants Currently Open in Shanghai

Get Your Noodle/Rice/Dumpling Fix Here! If you’re stuck in Shanghai and are getting tired of digging through your pantry for the dregs of pasta and canned beans, great news! There are a growing list of restaurants open around town, and … Read More

Foodie Flashcards: Hot and Sour Potatoes

Hungry to improve your Chinese vocabulary, but don’t know where to dig in? Welcome to our weekly Foodie Flashcard series. Follow along, study these morsels of knowledge, then dig in at your local restaurant to fully digest the information. How … Read More

Shanghai restaurant

Old Jesse – A Vegetarian Ordering Guide

What to order at Old Jesse when you are not eating meat! … Read More

Tips for Learning Chinese in Shanghai

Learning Mandarin can be extremely difficult, especially in Shanghai where many locals speak English. Maybe you’re planning your way to an HSK 6 certification or you just want to feel confident ordering your morning jianbing.  Whatever your goal, here’s some … Read More