All the Epic Jianbing-Inspired Dishes for World Jianbing Day 2020

We’ve curated a collection of limited-time special dishes created just for World Jianbing Day from our favorite chefs around Shanghai. If you hit up all 9 locations (see bingo board at the end), with proof, we’ll set you up with our brand new Cook With UnTour Cookbook. It will be an epic day for sure! Don’t forget to support your local jianbing vendor as well!

Bird – Dinner 4/30

  • Roasted Pork neck: served w/ garlic sprouts, northern-style laobing w/ roast chili mojo. ¥88. Dinner only.
  • Pork belly vindaloo: served w/ kaffir leaf and bahn xeo (Vietnamese wraps) ¥128. Dinner only.
50 Wuyuan Lu,
near Changshu Lu
五原路50号, 近常熟路


  • Jianbing French Toast: Triple stack white toast dipped in eggy cream batter, topped with French-style ham, roasted peanuts, Zhacai pickles, crispy wafer, tianmianjiang, cilantro + scallions, fried egg, and housemade chili oil with a Lettuce salad on the side.
    ¥60 (with ham), ¥45 (vegetarian). Available all day.
12 Xiangyang Bei Lu, near Julu Lu 襄阳北路12号, 近巨鹿路

Heritage by Madison

  • Shanghai Fu Er Dai Luxe Jianbing: multigrain chive crepe wrapped around a salad of crabmeat, creme fraiche, and fine herbs, topped with sourdough bread tuile, and finished with an obscene dollop of sturgeon caviar. ¥888 – yes, you read that right! Available all day, all week from 4/30-5/7.
1/F, 600 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Longtan Lu
中山东二路600号1楼, 近龙潭路

Homeslice Pizza

  • Jianbing Pizza: Signature sourdough crust, topped with tianmianjiang, cheese, and egg. Each order is sprinkled with pickled mustard greens, cilantro, and green onions, and customers can choose to add different crunchy toppings. Optional add-ons include ham, mortadella and pork floss.
  • Original Jianbing: ¥15 (Slice), ¥55 (12″), ¥80 (16″), ¥120 (20″). Jianbing with Ham/Mortadella: ¥65 (12″), ¥95 (16″), ¥145 (20″). Available at all locations, all day long and delivery on the usual platforms as well.
Multiple locations, and via delivery

Papito Pancakes

  • Palačinka Jianbing: Egg, cheese, ham, green salad, roasted paprika, and Jianbing crisp on an east-meets-west jianbing. ¥48. Available all day in shop, and includes a free soft drink with every order.
325-5 Taixing Lu,
near Beijing Xi Lu
泰兴路325号-5, 近北京西路


  • Puffy Bread Prosciutto Jianbing: Puffy bread added to its corn flour bing with freshly sliced prosciutto, cilantro, tianmianjiang, green onions, tomato, and a dash of mustard. ¥48. Available all day.
445 Jiangning Lu,
near Wuding Lu
江宁路445号, 近武定路

Spread the Bagel

  • NYC Deconstructed Jianbing Bagel: An open-faced everything bagel topped with candied spicy bacon, sriracha cream cheese, and a sunny side up egg. The bagel is garnished with green onions, cilantro, and garlic chili pepper sauce. Served with the other half of the bagel, which has been turned into everything bagel chips served with a green onion & sour cream cheese dip. ¥60. Available in-store and via delivery from April 30-May 3.
32 Yuyuan Dong Lu, near Changde Lu
愚园东路32号, 近常德路

Strictly Cookies

  • Jianbing Cookie: Using a simple egg and wheat flour base, this cookie starts off with a spread of savory jianbing sauce, crumbled crunchy wonton crackers on top, and cilantro, and it is finished off with an egg yolk and chili glaze. ¥22/cookie. Available April 30th at our Yan An Xi Lu store (right next to Columbia Circle), or for delivery through our WeChat shop, website, eleme, sherpas or meituan.
Metrobank Driveway,
Rm 103, 1166 Yan’an Xi Lu,
near Panyu Lu (entrance on Panyu Lu)
延安西路1166号103室, 近番禺路


  • Mexican Jianbing: Jianbing batter is topped with chicharonnes, mexican chili paste, steak asado, mozzarella cheese, fried egg, bbq sauce, cilantro, and green onions. ¥55. Available all day in-store
(Jing’an Location)
34 Yuyao Lu,
near Haifang Lu
余姚路34号1幢, 近海防路
Collect them all!
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The Naked Mala Peanut Butter Jianbing

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