Amelia’s Homemade Jams & More

We recently had the pleasure of a pleasant Saturday afternoon making fresh strawberry jam with the one and only Amelia, of Amelia’s Marketplace. For the uninitiated, her jams, chutneys, and homemade tomato ketchups are OUT of this world! She runs the small, but growing operation out of her lane house in the French Concession, but somehow manages to produce just about every flavor jam you could possibly think of from fig to yangmei to blueberry and raspberry and more.

On this occasion, TV crews were filming as we chopped and hulled the strawberries, added the sugar and perhaps other secret ingredients (you’ll have to catch the TV show when it airs to know everything).

Amelia's jam
Amelia’s homemade jam, with cameras rolling

She’s gotten her fair share of press lately (which is no surprise if you’ve tasted her goods). Check out a CnnGo article here which profiled several expat women producing homemade DELICIOUSNESS.

She is also the purveyor of the Little Blue Cart, which sells grilled sausages and more for catering and late-night revelers. Who knows, we may just be able to catch her on a late night cocktail hour tour.

Amelia's Jams Shanghai
Cooking up the strawberry jam

You can find Amelia’s Jams at the following stores and online delivery sites:

Ulumuqi lu Ladies:

274 ulumuqi lu, near wuyuan lu

Yasmine’s Butchers (selection of chutneys):

178 Biyun lu, near Heisong lu, Pudong

Cafe Du Village:

620, Baole lu, near Jinfeng lu, Minghang


90, Nanyang lu, near Xikang lu, behind Plazza 66


Ambassy Court, 1500 Huaihai lu, near Ulumuqi lu

Online Stores:

Smart Direct –

Fields –

Gusto Home Delivery –

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