Cook With UnTour – New Digital Recipe Book Available!

The Cook with UnTour digital cookbook brings 25 legendary dishes into your home for you to recreate the flavors of our tours in China. The cookbook is a labor of love that was written by our guides, vendors, and admin … Read More

Want to Support Frontline Healthcare Workers, Local Restaurants & UnTour? Here’s How!

We are so grateful that you are part of the UnTour family. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses, both in the past and now more than ever. As things begin to get back to almost-normal here in China, … Read More

New Shanghai Dining Discounts!

There’s never been a better time to celebrate and support the ability to eat outside of our own damn kitchens, and we want to help you do just that. With the difficulties just about everyone in the hospitality industry has … Read More

How YOU Can Help Wuhan Recover

With restrictions on movement still in place for a large portion of the population, the best we can do to help out the citizens of Wuhan and beyond is send donations to those who are on the front lines fighting … Read More

The Story Behind Wuhan’s Famous Hot-Dry Noodles

You might have seen the memes going around lately that tend to feature Wuhan’s signature culinary dish – 热干面. So why the outpouring of culinary love for the dish? You might need to taste it to really ‘know’ for yourself, … Read More