Charity Partner Spotlight: Shanghai Young Bakers

This autumn, all profits from our seasonal and specialty tours will be donated to Shanghai Young Bakers. So join our Hairy Crab Feast, Beer & Bites or Night Eats & Wine Pairing this season to eat good food AND do … Read More

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9 Must Download Apps for Travelling in China

Looking to make the most of your trip to China? Download these apps before you arrive! This country leapfrogged personal computer technology, and now 74% of the population operates on mobile phones. Yeah, that’s a BILLION people, so there’s some … Read More

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How to Navigate a Chinese Restaurant if you Don’t Speak Chinese

What foreigners often think of as “Chinese food” is often Cantonese cuisine. When you visit a city like Beijing (the political capital) or Shanghai (the financial capital), you’ll have the opportunity to sample dishes from all over the country. These … Read More

Gluten Free Guide in Beijing

Navigating a city famed for its wheat products can be challenging for gluten-free travelers. Beijing is a city that runs on wheat. Steamed buns, dumplings, flatbreads and noodles making up staple daily diets of most Beijingers. But with a little … Read More

Just in Time for the Holidays – 25% Off UnTour Gift Certificates!

UnTour turns EIGHT (OMG, SO LUCKY)! It’s the month of 11.11, Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! And it’s gift giving season! All that means one thing: WE’RE OFFERING 25% OFF ALL SHANGHAI & BEIJING GIFT CARDS! The holiday season is … Read More