Shanghai’s Best City Walks

We are almost through winter, and that means it is nearly time to get outside and enjoy Shanghai’s best city walks! With “city walks” gaining popularity, there has never been a better time to take a leisurely stroll through familiar (or unfamiliar) streets. Whether you are a long-time resident or a tourist, here are UnTour’s top three suggestions for enjoyable city walks in Shanghai.

Shanghai’s Best City Walks #1: Tianping Road (天平路)

Starting at the Wukang Building intersection near Jiaotong University (Address: 1877 Middle Huaihai Road淮海中路1877号)

Wukang Mansions (photo by Dickson Phua)

Located in the former French Concession near Jiaotong University station, the five-way intersection of Tianping, Yuqing, Xingguo, Wukang, and Huaihai Roads is a hotspot for tourists and locals mining likes on their WeChat moments. For one of Shanghai’s best city walks, weave your way through the crowds, and you have four separate canopied walkways to explore.

Old Jesse’s Scallion Roasted Cod Head (photo by Nomfluence’s Rachel Gouk)

If you decide to head north on Xingguo or northeast up Wukang, you can expect to run into more photographers, but also more shops and cafes. Ultimately, we suggest the quieter southern route, favoring Tianping over Yuqing. The road offers a bit more solitude, and has three lovely F&B options: the original Old Jesse (Shanghainese cuisine, requires reservation); Healer bar (serving surprisingly palatable baijiu cocktails), and a cozy café called Avec Toi (get there early to snag one of their delicious mini-quiches and rooftop seats). 

Shanghai’s Best City Walks #2: Yuyuan Road (愚园路)

Starting at Jiangsu Road station (Address: Jiangsu Road Station Exits 1, 2, 4 or 7 江苏路地铁站出口1/2/4/7)

This walking route is no secret to locals, and also the starting point of UnTour’s Shanghai Night Eats tour. With good weather on the weekends, you’ll find yourself amidst throngs of citywalkers, especially in the strip between Zhongshan Park and Jiangsu Road station. The crowds are not overwhelming, though, and there are pockets of green space, cute shopping complexes, and plenty of cafes to duck into for a rest.

Yuyuan Road neighborhood by Cat Nelson

An airier option is to head east from Jiangsu road station on the north side of Yuyuan road. Once you’ve passed the parking entrance to Edifice (畅圆) apartment complex, take a left on the nondescript road heading north. Your next right will send you into a maze of quaint Shanghai alleyways (弄通lóngtáng) that will have you wondering if you’ve dipped back into time. Find some dead ends, (respectfully) take some photos, and call it a day. 

Shanghai’s Best City Walks #3: North Xiangyang Road (襄阳北路)

Starting at the southeast corner of Xiangyang Park (Address: 1008 Middle Huaihai Road 淮海中路1008号)

Xiangyang Park

For those of you that have joined the Shanghai Eats Breakfast tour, this neighborhood suggestion will come as no surprise. A humming nightlife strip that is heavily trafficked area both day and night, this area also sports some beautiful historical landmarks and quintessential Shanghai sights.

Street food vendors near Xiangyang Park

Keep tabs on the senior workout groups in Xiangyang Park and snap a picture of the Russian Orthodox church at the Xinle Road intersection. You can also find solitude in this area in some of the Former French Concession’s best longtang (alleyways). About a half a block south from Egg (after the breakfast shops at the Changle Road intersection), take a right into an open gate. The path will lead you down a narrow corridor of stout, old Shanghai-style buildings. On a sunny day, you’ll be ducking under drying laundry and will get to see some incredible architecture. In this area, see if you can find an original Shikumen, the decorative stone arches that marked the entrance to old Shanghai homes, and if you’re really adventurous, a painted over portrait of Mao Zedong himself.

Did we miss one of your favorite walking routes? Comment below!

And if you’re interested in joining one of our food tours through these fantastic neighborhoods, check out our calendar!

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