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Jianguo 328, shanghai

Shanghainese Restaurants For Every Budget

Huaiyang cuisine encompasses the region between the Huai and Yangtze Rivers, including Shanghainese food (which is considered a bastardized version of Huaiyang thanks to the city’s historical foreign influence). This type of local cuisine is known for being quite sweet … Read More

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UnTour’s Top Tibet Travel Tips

Tibet Travel Overview Tibet is one of the most fascinating and remote places in the world. Located in China’s far southwest, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) borders India, Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan, and Nepal. Heir to the Himalayas, this region is … Read More

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Hutong Hideouts: Your Guide to Post-tour Nightlife in the Old City

For many dedicated revelers, the Old Beijing Dinner Tour is just the start of a fun-packed night of exploring Beijing. Our guides receive regular requests for post-tour nightlife recommendations, so we’ve put together a list of our top Beijing hidden … Read More

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W Hotel Shanghai Family Staycation – Beat the Heat

As the temperature in Shanghai skyrockets, it becomes a challenge to keep the family cool, fed and entertained. Consider planning an easy getaway – a staycation in one of the city’s many luxury hotels. With a newer and better hotel seemingly opening … Read More

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Vegetarian Pro Tips for Navigating China

Want to make sure you’re not getting any hidden meat or other allergens in your dishes in China? While eating in China, many vegetarians order what they think are meat-free dishes, but they often contain small slices of pork. While … Read More

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