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Where to Find Shanghai’s #1 Jianbing Stall

Where to Find Shanghai’s #1 Jianbing Stall When guides ask guests on our Shanghai Street Eats Breakfast tour which dish was their favorite, 8 out of 10 will answer jianbing 煎饼. It somehow manages to fit a multitude of descriptors into one … Read More

UnTour’s Top Tibet Travel Tips

Tibet Travel Overview Tibet is one of the most fascinating and remote places in the world. Located in China’s far southwest, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) borders India, Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan, and Nepal. Heir to the Himalayas, this region is … Read More

Overcoming Jet Lag in Shanghai: Tips, Tricks and How to Deal

Shanghai is one of the most exciting places to visit on earth. But plan ahead; the time difference can take the edge off even the most thrilling sights. But don’t worry – overcoming jet lag is possible! These handy tips … Read More

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9 Must Download Apps for Travelling in China

Looking to make the most of your trip to China? Download these apps before you arrive! This country leapfrogged personal computer technology, and now 74% of the population operates on mobile phones. Yeah, that’s a BILLION people, so there’s some … Read More

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How to Navigate a Chinese Restaurant if you Don’t Speak Chinese

What foreigners often think of as “Chinese food” is often Cantonese cuisine. When you visit a city like Beijing (the political capital) or Shanghai (the financial capital), you’ll have the opportunity to sample dishes from all over the country. These … Read More