Commence Vegetarian Voyage!

Over the past few years we’ve seen our requests for vegetarian tours go through the roof. We know that eating a completely meat-free diet in China can be challenging, as many dishes have bits of ‘hidden’ meat to flavor dishes – tofu-based dishes included.

We were honored to have the Guardian write up our Vegetarian Voyage breakfast tour last year and due to popular demand, we have added a completely vegetarian tour every other Friday, starting NOW!

Our vegetarian guides will take you into the heart of one of the city’s best breakfast areas sampling a huge variety of meat-free dishes. We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so we’ll just say that it’s DEFINITELY delicious.

Check out the reservations calendar to see when the next Vegetarian Voyage is scheduled – if it doesn’t work with your schedule, just let us know, and we’ll see if we can accommodate you for a private tour. Private evening vegetarian tours are also available.

Also check out our guide to vegetarian dining in Shanghai by clicking here.


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