Introducing: UnTour Beijing Food Tours + Soft Opening Discounts!

It’s official! We have jumped right in to that glorious Mongolian hotpot that is Beijing’s dining scene with our new food tours. It only took us five years of riding the high speed rail back and forth from Shanghai to find the real deal Dongbei boiled dumplings, but we used that time searching well… We kinda taste tested more than 40 (!!) jianbing to ensure UnTourists get nothing but the very best.

And how are the tours, you might be wondering? Capital! (I’m sorry, I could not resist. And I didn’t want to.)

You are going to love eating your way through Beijing’s hutongs as much as Shanghai’s lilongs, on our two new tours – more details below, but what you really need to know is that we are offering automatic RMB 50 discounts all August long, so book now and get those early adopter benefits.

To book tickets, check out the website at


douhua2 copy 2Beijing Hutong Breakfast Tour
You can tick that hutong visit off your itinerary with this snack tour through the bustling morning alleyways. On this culinary walk, we sample the most authentic and delicious snacks that are hiding in plain sight, once you get off the crowded roads and into the backstreets. Wake up early and explore the culinary scene with our trusted vendors, your bilingual guide and a small group of new foodie friends. Over the course of three hours, you will sample 10 tastings at four seated stops, including freshly fried local donuts, savory tofu “flower”, steamed-to-order baozi, Beijing’s local mungbean milk and so much more.

Cost: RMB 350 per person (For the month of August, we will offer soft opening prices of RMB 300 per person)
Time: 8am
Duration: ~3 hours
Location: Lama Temple & Andingmen


Hotpot copyOld Beijing Dinner Tour
Experience a culinary journey that is so much more than just the crowded, inauthentic markets featuring bugs and mystery meat on sticks. This three-hour dining experience gets you trying traditional dishes shoulder-to-shoulder with Beijingers in a traditional hutong neighborhood. Over the course of three hours, you will sample over 15 dishes at four seated stops, including authentic Mongolian style hotpot, dumplings boiled to order, the city’s famous donkey burgers, street food classic jianbing and so much more – including free flow beer and baijiu.

Cost: RMB 400 per person (For the month of August, we will offer soft opening prices of RMB 350 per person)
Time: 7pm
Duration: ~3 hours
Location: Beixinqiao & Zhangzizhong Lu

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