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We often say that the best part of our jobs is meeting great guests from around the world and really getting to know them over the course of the culinary experience. For the guests, we hope the food is the best part, but we love when we get positive feedback on the experiences we offer. Writing a review on TripAdvisor helps all types of travelers relate to the experiences we offer and offers others the insight to decide for themselves whether or not the tour is really for them. We appreciate all our guests and those who have taken a moment to write a review. Here are a few of our recent favorites.

Embarrassingly so – I have been living in Shanghai for a cumulative 11 years yet never explored this city given work life. Ironically so – the Breakfast Tour was a mere 5 minutes from my flat — an area I walk by often yet never bothered to look at. My guide (Carla) did a wonderful job explaining and introducing the different foods in each of the kiosks…I am so very excited that all this delectable food is so close to me. Most important is that she introduced locations that I felt were safe & sanitary. I am planning on joining other food tours with them – to discover my Shanghai. – Margie C

Never having been to Shanghai my partner and I wanted to make the most of our 5 days. So we chose to book the Dumpling Delights Tour and are we delighted that we did. (Pun intended). This was one of the highlights of our trip. We arrived at the pre appointed meeting place and met our guide Jamie. There were only a few other people in the group and Jamie did a fantastic job of making everyone feel included. It was a very unhurried few hours and we were taken to a number of dumpling street stalls/local eateries as well as one stall that was not on the tour list but made the most amazing savoury crepe I have ever eaten. we also had Yum Cha at a restaurant. Jamie was able to supply historical anecdotes as we went along. She also knows Shanghai well and gave some interesting insights into the culture and the culture of the food.
Our only disappointment was that we did not have time to book another tour with them. If yu love food….DO this tour – maj65

You’d never find these places on your own. Off the beaten path but delectable noodles and food prepared in front of your eyes. Great tour leader who kept the whole group interested and looked out for our needs. You won’t find this food at any restaurant you know! –Murray M

My husband and I had such a great time on the dumpling tour with Jen as our guide!!! She was very knowledgeable, even for someone like me who knows a thing or two about dumplings and Chinese cuisine ;).
We ate many different types ranging from guo tie (potstickers) to shuai jiao (boiled dumplings) to xiao long bao (Shanghai’s famed soup dumplings) to wontons. And we even made our own pan-fried dumplings (sheng jian bao)! Jen knew all the great spots to go to and we were able to walk off some of our meal in between dumpling shops within the lovely former French Concession. I highly recommend you check out this tour — it was the highlight of our trip and very fun (and yummy!) – Christine S

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