Noshing on North Korean Food in Shanghai

After writing up a review on Shanghai’s mini-chain of Pyongyang restaurants and then a company outing to yet another branch, we’ve collected our share of WTF pictures and video from the dinner show. Starting at about 7:30 PM each night, it’s about 45 minutes of dancing, coordinating synthesizer pop, general saxophone tomfoolery and so much more.

It’s a good thing that the show is so bizarrely entertaining, because the food falls a bit short on the WOW-gastronomic experience scale. But if you have time for an extra dinner and are looking for a fun experience to share with friends when you return home (and you aren’t Dennis Rodman, who seems to have full access to the place), then this could be the place for you!

Perhaps one of North Korea’s best known specialties is naengmyeon, a refreshing dish of noodles served in ice-cold broth. The flour and starch noodles are cut by the waitress with scissors and mixed at the table with julienned veggies, boiled egg and red chili paste. In addition to the complimentary kimchi, you can order Pyongyang kimchi. The plate of pickled cabbage comes with a healthy coating of red chili paste and a stronger flavor.

You can find all the addresses for the restaurants at the end of the Culinary Backstreets post. Enjoy and tweet us @untourshanghai when you go!

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