Foodie Flashcards: Week 1 – Hotpot

Hungry to improve your Chinese vocabulary, but don’t know where to dig in? Welcome to our weekly Foodie Flashcard series. Follow along, study these morsels of knowledge, then dig in at your local restaurant to fully digest the information.

What is it:

Sometimes called Chinese fondue, hotpot is a fun DIY meal where diners dip raw meat and vegetables into a boiling pot of stock. Originally from Mongolia, now regional varieties of the communal meal mix up the flavors of the soup, as well as the dipping sauce choice options.

The northern version of hotpot uses a steamboat filled with coal, reminiscent of the campfire helmets used millennia ago by nomadic warriors. Workers thinly-slice lamb to order, which diners dip into a boiling broth of pickled vegetables, dates and goji berries. Sesame paste brightened with cilantro is the dip du jour here.

Where to find hotpot in Shanghai:

Beijing Shuan Guo 北京涮锅
346 Wulumuqi Rd (Middle), near Fuxing Rd. 乌鲁木齐中路346号近复兴路. Subway: Line 1/7 – Changshu Road. Tel: +86 21 6431 3886.

Where to find hotpot in Beijing:

Beijing Copper Pot Instant Boiled Meat (北涮铜锅涮肉)
40 Bei Xin Qiao San Tiao near Yonghegong Dajie. 北新桥三条40号近雍和宫大街. Subway: Line 5- Beixinqiao. +86-130-0197-6660

Or, join us and sample hotpot in all its glory on our Old Beijing Dinner Tour through the back alleys and hutong neighborhoods of Beijing. We’ll tantalize your tastebuds and show you the best hidden gems the capital’s culinary scene has to offer.

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