Where to Get Your Xiaomi or iPhone Fixed in Shanghai

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PLUS How to Get Your Phone Fixed Via Wechat

So you dropped your Xiaomi or iphone on one of Shanghai’s many marble floors and now the shiny little screen looks like a cracked mirror that will bring you seven years of bad luck? Never fear. There are tons of places around town to get it fixed, but our favorite, cheapest and most efficient fix-it man (besides ordering up a door-to-door service online, see below) is in Xujiahui at the Pacific Digital Plaza 1 (太平洋数码一期). They also will diagnose and repair just about any other problem you can throw at them.

Address: 41 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu. 太平洋数码一期,漕溪北路41号靠近肇嘉浜路.Tel: 6468 5713 or 6468 8141. Mobile: 137 7441 0826 or 136 1189 4531. Subway: Line 1/9/11 – Xujiahui (Exit 9).

Guys – this is one of three Pacific Plazas in Xujiahui, so make sure to triple check the address. China’s gotta keep you on your toes – it’s also not directly on the main street, so you’ve got to head down the driveway a bit before the building becomes more obvious.

When you arrive, walk past all the computer stores to the back of the building where you’ll find the elevator bay. Line up in the queue, but make sure you get in the right line as some of the elevators skip the 10th floor where you are headed.

For Apple Products:

When you reach the 10th floor, head to the F01: 上海森星电脑IT连锁服务 (also known as 上海森星电脑医院) where they fix everything Apple.

The prices will vary, so try to bargain a little and have the apple store prices as a reference point. With a cracked screen that was 90 percent black (a sign that my digitizer was fried), they charged a flat rate of RMB 600 and finished it within 20 minutes, good as new. If you’ve only cracked the glass, but there is no black screen of death, the rate goes down to RMB 300 or less. For comparison, if you went to the Apple Store, it would run you RMB 788 just to get the screen fixed (which takes 24 hours), plus RMB 2,198 to fix the digitzer (an additional three hours). They also do Apple computers there – a friend got his MacBook Retina fixed for RMB 1,200. In comparison the Apple Store quoted him RMB 6,500…

They will also buy back your apple products that you no longer use – second hand electronics hold more value than you might think!

NOTE: If you’re phone is still under warranty and you bought accident insurance, best to stick with your the Apple store. If you use a non-licensed vendor to change your screen, you are effectively voiding your warranty.

For Xiaomi Products:

In the SAME BUILDING, but 9th floor, you’ll find one of the OFFICIAL Xiaomi stores just as you get off the elevator. Most products are guaranteed for a year, so even if you can’t find your receipt, your best bet is to go to the official store first. If you go to a street-side stall for a better price, you will most definitely have voided your official warranty, so please do not do this unless you don’t have a valid warranty any more.

Xiaomi offers to fix your device in less than an hour for just about any problem. If you can navigate their online reservation system, you can also pick a time and skip the queue. Handy!

Again, the address is the same as for the Apple services, just on the 9th floor. If you’re coming via subway, get off on the Xujiahui stop (Line 1/9/11), and head to Exit #9 or 10 (this will save you SO much time wandering around).

Again the address is: 41 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu. 太平洋数码一期,漕溪北路41号靠近肇嘉浜路. Subway: Line 1/9/11 – Xujiahui (Exit 9).

For Online/Wechat To-Your-Door Service

Shenzhen-based 1fix Technology (万修科技 wàn xiū kējì) offers t phone repair services that come to your location – across China. You can order up a fix-it man via their website or through their official WeChat account (search fix-10000). Pretty handy, we’ve got to say!

Website: http://1fix.cn/ and more info on this option in English here.

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