Get Your Shanghai Noodle Fix!

It’s no secret that one of our favorite foodie tours that we offer is definitely the Oodles of Noodles walking tour through the French Concession. There is such an incredible diversity within Chinese cuisine, and that extends to noodle dishes in an amazing and delicious way. The noodle shops are often hectic, and some might consider dive-y, but there is a reason these places often have a line out the door. The noodles are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before, and each shop has such a unique spin on the beloved noodle, they must all be samples.

Luckily, our guests agree, and keep coming back for more noodles. Here’s what an awesome couple from Nashville had to say recently:

Today Troy and I took a tour of the best noodle houses of shanghai! It was quite incredible. Our tour guide kyle was originally from Oregon and moved here two years ago. We went to some truly dive places but the food was incredible. My favorite was a sesame seed pasta with paste that tasted like peanut butter. We would have never gone to these eateries because everything is in Chinese. It’s hard to order anything! Afterwards, we met up with kyle later for drinks. Super sweet guy and great company. If your ever in shanghai you must book a tour with Untour.

UnTour guide Kyle enjoying yellow croaker noodles on the Oodles of Noodles tour.

Check out more pics and Jessica’s great blog at

And if noodles aren’t your thing, our ever-popular morning markets street eats culinary tour is a continual crowd pleaser. You can almost taste the deliciousness of the culinary treats that await in Shanghai from some of our past guests.

We enjoyed every moment of our UnTour Shanghai! We did the Morning Markets Tour and everything was great from the booking until the final bite. Firstly, Jamie was very attentive in helping us choose the food tour that would be right for us. We choose the Morning Markets Tour after corresponding with Jamie about our preferences. She met us in our hotel lobby promptly at the specified time and it was all uphill from there! From soup dumplings to hand-pulled scallion oil noodles…everything was delicious! Jamie is very knowledgeable about food and provided some interesting anecdotes along with additional recommendations for things to do/eat. In this huge city we never would have found the places Jamie introduced us to and we are so happy she did. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to China!

Jamie knows her way around a xiaolongbao stall and it definitely shows! If you’ve been on an UnTour and would like to comment, you are always free to do so on our TripAdvisor page, or just browse there and see what others are saying about the most fun day tour you and your stomach will have in Shanghai!

Happy eats, and see you in Shanghai, China!

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