A Weird Meat UnTour to end all Other Non-Existent Shanghai Weird Food Tours- Part 2

We had the pleasure recently of taking esteemed German Journalist, Meike Winnemuth, on one of our quirkier food experiences, the “Weird Meat” UnTour. She’s a fascinating adventurer, spending 12 months in 12 different cities around the world, after winning big on Germany’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire? She writes for some of Germany’s biggest News and Food Magazines, and we were happy to show her around a bit. Check out her blog post here for some great pics of some of the strange, but often delicious things on the tour.

Here’s the 2nd half of my more-or-less translation of her great write-up (See here for the first part):

Next: Li Jian Jun. Great pleasure in reading the menu here. ‘Old dopted mother eleusine? Tile fish homesickness? Acid cowpea flashy foam?’ Not even the pictures here can really help. We ordered ‘stir fatty intestine.’ Fried pork stomach with an unbelievable amount of chilis. Also not so disgusting as it sounds. But also not what I would order next time. Instead, I’d prefer the lotus roots again next time.

To conclude: The night market. Fried stinky tofu with a sweet sauce: not as stinky as the name would imply, but rather like a mature european cheese. Then we couldn’t eat any more or be bothered by the rest: crayfish, oysters, huge open shell scallops…Shanghai night market tour

Everything was tried at least once, and thereby concluded: everything is edible, even much of it enjoyable. [My friend] Shanghainese Shirley was even there, and even waved off most of it.

Although: no dogs, as it is not the correct time of year. Dogs are eaten in winter.

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