Great Massages in Shanghai’s French Concession

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Looking for a way to unwind during your time in Shanghai? There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a traditional massage while you’re traveling, and luckily they’re still quite affordable in China (though prices are rising). Just stay away from the 5-star hotels and you’ll be able to get a great massage at a good price.

Here’s a couple of our favorites in the former French Concession area.

Zen Massage- This is a bit pricier and more upscale. You’re paying for a nice ambience, and the ability to choose from a wider array of oil massages and options. Still WAY cheaper than a hotel spa, with just about as good results. You’ll definitely come away feeling relaxed. Lots of really good 2 for 1 deals weekdays from 11 AM- 6 PM. Price range starts at about 200 RMB for an hour.

Bldg 1, Lane 210 Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu, 五原路210弄1号楼, 近乌鲁木齐路 Tel: 21 3368 1227
There’s a newer location right around the corner on Fuxing Lu if that’s booked up.
76 Fuxing lu, near Yongfu Lu. 复兴路76号近永福路。Tel:21 3356-2112

Full weekday special, 11Am-6pm info:

168 RMB — 60 minutes Chinese Massage + 30 minutes Foot Massage or 30 minutes Head & Shoulder Massage
208 RMB — 60 minutes Oil Massage + 30 minutes Foot Massage or 30 minutes Head & Shoulder Massage

He Zhong Tang  和中堂足部按摩 – This is a great local choice for a traditional massage with TCM influences. If you’ve ever wanted to try something a little stranger, like cupping, scraping, ear candling or more, this is your place. They’ve also got plenty of more ‘normal’ choices like foot massages and body massages. 

A word to the wise, traditional body massages are done over the clothes (you’ll get a pyjama suit to change in to) and are meant to be strong, so they aren’t always the most relaxing. They’ll also target specific acupressure points, so you may find your masseuse poking and prodding more than you were expecting. Go with the flow, but feel free to say ‘OW!’ and they’ll lighten up, or in Mandarin: Qīng yīdiǎn (轻一点).

Expect to pay less than RMB150 here for each treatment. There’s several locations around town, but the following is there former French Concession location (west side).

800 Huashan Lu, Building 6, Fifth floor. 华山路800弄6号丁香公寓5楼(近镇宁路和长乐路). Tel: 21 6225 9849

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