Half Price Kids Tickets!

There’s nothing quite like traveling with family, and at UnTour Shanghai, we’ve met some pretty adventurous young eaters over the past few years. Some of our favorite tours have been with parents who say their kids don’t eat this, or that, and then they find the little ones slurping up the dish like champs. If you’re traveling with family, we want you to know you’re welcome to bring your kids. We’re still offering our free tickets for the very young ones (5 and under), and we also like to extend 50% off for kids aged 6-12.

This is valid on all of our join-in public food tours. For our private group tours, the same pricing applies, as long as there are a minimum of 3 paying guests (or the cash equivalent there of). Send us an email for more info.

Check out our previous blog post on our Family-Friendly Tours to find out more about our tours that kids love! Don’t forget – we’re stroller friendly.

And here’s a sample of some of our  fledgling foodies!

Maggie & Sam from NZ slurped down noodles like pros on our Oodles of Noodles tour.
Twins! Angelica & Beatrice from New York devoured both the Street Eats Breakfast AND Night Markets tours during their visit with their parents.
Maya ate everything in sight on her Street Eats (Breakfast) tour
Maya worked up an appetite helping out our favorite water calligrapher on the Street Eats (Breakfast) Tour
Shanghai Electric Scooter Ban Finally Being Enforced?
What's There to Eat in Qinghai Province?

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