Have you Heard of These Fun Shanghai Workout Ideas?

We’re always on the hunt for fun ways to work out in this city. Of course, we’re partial to running, but on those days where you just need to mix things up, we’ve got some good ideas for you.

Jamie and I both do yoga. There are tons of great studios in town (she goes to the super fancy new Y+ on Anfu Lu near Wukang Lu, while I go to the nice, but a bit cheaper Yoga Space)

I recently got to try out a whole bunch of more high-adrenaline, get your blood pumping workouts, from Muay Thai, to Kettlebell training, and even ping-pong, for an article I wrote this summer. Excerpt below, and click here for the full article:

2) Kettlebell Class at Eternity Fitness
This is ground zero for workouts you’ve probably never tried. The Russian-inspired kettlebell class is growing in popularity worldwide, and is attracting Shanghai expats of all shapes and sizes. An intense full-body workout in a brand new, totally non-threatening environment with a kettlebell weight of your choosing means infinite possibilities to improve your fitness. If you’re more into working out in the great outdoors, early AM “boot camp” classes take place in parks all around town. Bonus: The studio also offers Filipino stick fighting, suspension and circuit training, and much more.

Address: RM101, B10, 861 Jiangning Lu (near Haifang Rd), Shanghai, 静安区江宁路861号101室, 近海防路 Tel: 021 3135 1791

Web: www.chinakettlebellclub.com, http://www.eternity-fitness.com/

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