Run Tour Shanghai

It’s High Time to do a Sightseeing jog in Shanghai

A little runner’s high on vacation or business never hurt. And an ever-growing body of evolutionary science appears to be backing up the notion that us mammals are meant to experience it. Researchers had humans and dogs—both natural-born runners—jog a … Read More

Have you Heard of These Fun Shanghai Workout Ideas?

We’re always on the hunt for fun ways to work out in this city. Of course, we’re partial to running, but on those days where you just need to mix things up, we’ve got some good ideas for you. Jamie … Read More

Running in Shanghai- The earlier the better!

UnTour Shanghai showed up on the front page of the Travel section in German’s premier newspaper, Die Welt. For the full article, in German, click here. Zu dick ist die Luft, zu chaotisch der Verkehr, zu heiß der Sommer, zu … Read More

10 Reasons to Keep Your Jogging Routine up in Shanghai (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing from our last post on why it’s important to keep up your fitness routine, no matter where you are in the world, here are some more health reasons that runners can draw inspiration and motivation from, courtesy of Runner’s … Read More