What is Honeymoon Dessert & Where to Find it in Beijing

Are you mystified by the dessert shops you see around Beijing & Shanghai? Wonder no longer, our resident artist made this handy infographic about one particular chain, Honeymoon Dessert Beijing, explaining everything you need to know about the Chinese desserts.

Search them out in medium to upscale malls, and high traffic areas like complexes near subway stations. These desserts often seem more like soups with interesting ingredients, like coconut, milke, red beans, black sesame and tropical fruits.

honeymoon dessert beijing

Click the link for a map (Chinese) to find your closest branch in Shanghai.
Hours: Generally 10am-10pm.
Locations: You’ll generally find these in most mid-range and above mall food court/basement levels (there’s around 30 locations in Beijing alone).

Closest to Tiananmen Square: 东长安街1号东方新天地B1楼BB30号商铺 – #1 Dongchangan Dajie, Dongfang Xintiandi, B1 level

Closest to Worker’s Stadium/Sanlitun: 工人体育场北路13号院1楼店(近新东路), #13 Gongren Tiyuguan Bei Lu, Building 1, near Xindong Lu.

B1-13B, Raffles City Shop, Dong Zhi Men

B1 of Glory Mall, Chongwenmenwai Street No.18, Chongwen District

B1 of Huamao Shopping Mall, Jianguo Rd No. 87, Chaoyang District

Jiamao Shopping Center, Xizhimenwai Street No. 1, Xicheng District

A2 of Beijing Department Store, Wangfujing Street No. 253, Dongcheng District

*Infographic designed by UnTour’s 2017 Intern, the talented, Sabrina Greene

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