Holiday Gifting Etiqutte Tips for China

You’re probably aware of the fact that different culture have different ideas for what are appropriate gifts. As the holiday gifting season approaches, take some time to think about what your local colleagues, relatives, and friends might consider a good gift. If you’re looking for something for your expat friends or visitors, might we suggest a walking food tour of either Beijing or Shanghai? Our gift certificates make excellent digital stocking stuffers! If you have locals on your list, read on for an infographic of our top China holiday gifting etiquette tips.

Summarized, these are in the NO column:

-Clocks, pears, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, knives, scissors, chrysanthemum, mirrors, green hats, shoes, anything black or white

And these are in the YES column:
-Cigarettes, wine, health supplements (vitamins, etc.), wine, peaches, cash in red envelopes, tea, regional products, things in packs of 6x or 8x.

Gift China Etiquette Holiday

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