Introducing UnTour’s NEW Shanghai Night Eats Route

One of our favorite things about eating in Shanghai is access to authentic food from all over the country. Thanks to its pull as China’s financial capital, Shanghai attracts millions of migrants who bring their local culinary traditions and ingredients along with their hope of striking it rich in this wonderful city. On this three-hour Shanghai Night Eats route, we explore the best local and regional cuisine the city has to offer. Get ready for Shanghai’s most delicious food tour!

roujiamo, chinese burger, 肉夹馍

We’ll start the night by sampling the world’s oldest “sandwich”, a combination of braised pork belly and freshly-baked pita that has been perfected by Xi’an chefs over 2,000 years, then taste southern China’s impressive roast meats and fried noodle dishes. We’ll also sample specialty seafood and bamboo dishes from the “Land of Fish & Rice”, Shanghai’s surrounding region, and get our tastebuds tingling with Sichuan’s famous mouthnumbing peppercorn. We’ll finish our tour with the cumin-laced flavors of the farflung Western province of Xinjiang and a dessert that is a Shanghainese spin on a French pastry. And we’ll wash it all down with locals beers and spirits, huangjiu and baijiu. You’ve never had anything quite like this before!

What Our Guests Say

While visiting 4 seated food stops plus the city’s best street food stall, you will learn about the shocking history of the neighborhood amongst art deco era villas. You’ll also get up close and personal with your food. Whether it’s cracking into spicy rabbit head with plastic gloves on or checking out the roasted meats headed for your table, you’ll love this feast for the eyes and the mouth.

What Our Guests Say


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