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What is Jianbing 煎饼?


A savory traditional Chinese crepe with a fried egg and fillings, this street food’s origins are traced to Tianjin. Beijingers are known for their love of the jianbing, featuring a more substantial base and savory sauces, but Shanghai also serves up a delicious, albeit slightly crispier and sweeter version. With street food disappearing across China’s major cities, vendors are increasingly hard to find but always worth the effort to seek out!

The perfect on-the-go meal, these thin crepes are fried on flat griddles with an egg, and then flecked with cilantro, green onions and pickled mustard tubers. Savory bean paste and fiery chili paste are slathered on to add depth and flavor, while a deep- fried wonton skin adds crunch (or substitute a youtiao 油条 – Chinese crueler for a bread-ier filling.

There are also plenty of other regional variations and toppings available based on your preference and location. If you prefer your treats non-spicy, just ask for it “búlà (不辣)” and the vendor will forgo the chili.


Celebrate World Jianbing Day – April 30


Help spread the word and win a year’s supply of jianbing! Share your local knowledge by uploading a picture of your favorite jianbing vendor, including address details, and you’ll be entered to win. All you need to do to enter is upload a picture and tag @UnTourFoodTours or #JianbingMap on Instagram, Facebook or Wechat, terms & conditions apply*.

Submissions will be collected and uploaded onto as a resource for future travelers and jianbing lovers worldwide.

*One year’s supply of jianbing is based on the average cost of a daily jianbing in mainland China, only incurred expenses reimbursed monthly, to one (1) winner at UTFT’s full discretion. 

**If submitting via Wechat moments, users must screenshot the post and send contact their contact details to UnTourFoodTours official account to be entered.